iPhone Development Mobile Applications


Even if you do not personally used the iPhone, you certainly heard and seen others use. You can even wondered what all the fuss about.

So, for those who are not fully familiar with this little miracle of technology, here are a brief summary that may help clarify any confusion:

What is iPhone?
In the iPhone is a multimedia smartphone made by Apple. It combines an IPod, computer, digital camera and mobile phone. You can browse the Internet, and networking opportunities.

In the iPhone has no physical keyboard, but it has a virtual keyboard on the multi-touch screen, which are manipulated with the control interface: sliders, switches and buttons. There is the status bar at the top of the screen that displays data such as time, signal strength and battery level.

Many of the applications included in the iPhone are designed to work together, which means that you can share data from one application to another. Based on the hand of the processor is a central processor in the iPhone.

Some applications have a version 2.2 for the iPhone are:
Text SMS messages
App Store, and contacts.
Four other applications for defining the main tasks for the iPhone: Phone, Mail, Safari, and IPod.

IPhone How?

Apple initiated the development of Apple iPhone, where the director has ordered engineers to study the touchscreens. This unit was established at the beginning of the secret collaboration with AT & T Mobility at an estimated cost of $ 150 million. That was 30 months in development. This project was so secret codenames, and even forged samples were used to keep it a secret!

On 9 January 2007 iPhone was introduced by the general public. The announcement was made several months before the iPhone has been approved in the FCC, and went on sale.

In the iPhone went on sale 29 June, 2007. 270,000 iPhones were sold during the first 30 hours. The rest, as they say, is history!

In the iPhone has been named the magazine "Time" The invention of the year for 2007.

Internet meets Multi-Touch

In the iPhone and web applications of the vastness of the Internet with a simple user-friendly multi-touch technology. At 3 -? "LCD screen, you can through the film at the Digg news, play Sudoku or Bejeweled just one click of a finger, check movie times or the schedule of trains, as well as touching base of your favorite blogs.

For several web applications for iPhone, visit Apple. There is an additional list of the 1700 Web-based applications, and continues to grow!

Or, if you are not interested in any of the existing Web applications, you can write your own! When the new iPhone Web Application is ready to go, you can send it to Apple for inclusion in your site.

Who knows? You can build something really big!

Samsung Tocco - Will it Outperform the Mighty iPhone?


Mobile phone manufacturers with a reputation have been efforts to bring multimedia mobile phone market, which could put an end to this saga iPhone. We have seen countless models of mobile phones on the market recently, which is the killer iPhone ". While the mobile phone called iPhone killers does not live with his name. At the moment of truth, none of these phones recently released can be done anywhere near the popularity of iPhone has created. While the iPhone dominated market PDA, Samsung has a new solution to overcome the performance and class in the iPhone, as powerful. Samsung described the decision as "Tocco". Samsung Tocco is available on the market, and that, in comparison with the powerful iPhone Royale is.

No more Unlock
Network selection is the main problem associated with the iPhone. Freedom to choose the preferred network is not simple with a well-known PDA. Although there are many solutions that unlock the iPhone for use with any preferred network has many limitations, with the functions. When it comes to the new Samsung Tocco, you can freely use it in any network. You may prefer the O2 network if you need some free calls and text messages. If you buy a Samsung Tocco, O2 network is a generous offer of 400 minutes of talktime and 400 text messages. Thus, in the case of the network, Royal wins Samsung Tocco.

Tough choice, but taking into account the characteristics and performance
To be honest, it will be very difficult to make a choice between the iPhone and the Samsung Tocco in the light characteristics. Both models complete with touch screen. Full touch screen models have been popular since the launch of the iPhone. In comparison with the touch phones, Samsung Tocco cranes seem better than the iPhone. The camera of the new food excellent, compared with the current champion. Lack of MMS on iPhone iPhone one step below.

Samsung Tocco looks real. This new map is available in sizes and can be easily placed in the pocket, Jean. Fortunately, Tocco does not create a projection of skin-tight jeans. In the eyes of pro-iPhone, Samsung Tocco does not appear to be quite difficult. Nevertheless, Samsung Tocco is a great phone with a great brushed aluminum exterior.

Samsung Tocco can not be called "a killer iPhone". Nevertheless, it is eaten at least similar to the iPhone, in the case of performance and appearance. Samsung Tocco is really seen as a strong competitor to the iPhone.

Nine iPhone Killers


Clearly, iPhone is excellent. Many Apple fans turn off the purchase since its launch. Nevertheless, its shortcomings - the video recording, the battery is installed, MMS, only sync with iTunes, some users were disappointed. Almost all mobile phones, imitating the iPhone touch screen, the user interface to Florida and the seriousness of the sensor. Some copyists make ideal breeding species, but with an odd interface. However, there are some bright copyists. In some respects, they have a great advantage. We call these phones "killer iPhone". We found that these "murderers" have much in common - they all have 2.8 "touch screen and the equalizer. And their cameras better than the 2MP iPhone, most of them maintain attention. Li iPhone even domination? We have to do with the assessment of the killer iPhone 9.

We make the basic rules in this contest:
1. Not less than 2.8 "touch screen
2. Registered in the severity of the accelerator
3. At least 3MP camera

Under this rule, we have 9 terminals, which are very good for us. This HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch HD, LG KP500, LG LC910, Samsung i908, Samsung M8800c, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - Nokia first touch screen phone, T-Mobile G1, BlackBerry 9500, and the storm - the first Blackberry touch screen phone. All of them are for the most modern and latest technology.

In connection with the iPhone the biggest feature - the user interface and web browser, we had to restructure. Useful features such as user experience and video playback is paid more attention, while the hardware of the processor and the camera is less effective. Appearance, battery, and the price as usual.
1. Appearance (10 ')
2. User interface (20 ')
3. Screen (10 ')
4. User Experience (10 ')
5. Play video (10 ')
6. Web browser (10 ')
7. Accessories (10 ')
8. Battery (10 ')
9. Price (10 ')

The Best "killer iPhone" phone 2008
The most popular "killer iPhone" phone 2008
The most profitable "killer iPhone" phone 2008

Appearance (10 ')
All these mobile phones are its flagship brands. Five publishers are marked, and then came to the media. The results show that the HTC Touch Diamond is a beautiful device. HTC Touch HD and Samsung i908 to take a second and third placerespectively.
Abbreviations diamond in the back of the phone gives the name "Diamond", which states, HTC Touch Diamond looks far from common. She looks thin and delicate. If you have any knowledge of the Windows Mobile operating system to be adopted on this phone, you will understand how difficult it is to be slim 11.35mm and weighs as light as 110g.

A 3.2MP, auto-focus camera is in a triangle between the silver diamond cut on the back, which is exquisite. There is not much in the decoration of the sidewalls and the interfaces for its compact style.

Interface (20 ')
In addition to the Apple logo on the back, beautiful, strong and easy to use interface of iPhone is another point of sales. That is why the award of 20 "in this section, including easy to play, equalizer, scope, supported by rolling me or not, my turnover in rolling stock, speed and thought. 5 'are provided in each section.

In the "comfort to play" Blackberry 9500 completes its trademark "SurePress. HTC Touch HD 4" to 3.8 "touch screen 4. Korean mobile phone with vibration feedback, LG and Samsung, to 3. T-Mobile G1 in the last line of the mechanical processing power, and feelings.

We tested the scope of the equalizer, as well as his speed and agility in the field of the equalizer. " BlackBerry 9500 supports the main menu and insert the car is very fast and fluid, so he took the first time. In contrast to this, T-Mobile G1 EQ is not available on all interfaces. To again be low.

Rolling menu "means a change in the interface to a finger-rolling. HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch HD, Blackberry 9500 and T-Mobile G1 first linked in this section. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Samsung i908 are tied to the last place, only to support scrolling.

The speed of thought with the high priority attached to users. T-Mobile G1, which are listed at the bottom of the last installments, took first place with 4 marks in this section. Nokia 5800, which approved the S60 5 th edition, 2,5 ', taking in the past. The final result shows that the BlackBerry 9500 is the champion, HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch HD is the second.

Screen (10 ')
Needless to say, the display means a lot of "touch screen" phones. This section consists of 3 parts - the size, resolution, and subjective evaluation. In this section, HTC Touch Diamond only 4 "2.8" VGA screen.
1920x1200 pixels of two images of the test were applied to the saturation and contrast of the phones screen. They are divided into 3 levels. BlackBerry 9500 is the first level, LG KC910, T-Mobile G1, LG KP500 Samsung M8800, and secondly, Nokia 5800, HTC Touch HD, Samsung i908 and HTC Touch Diamond third.

User Experience (20 ')
More than 20 users were invited to try the phone 9. After 2 hours, we received 17 questionnaires about the usability and speed of thinking. T-Mobile G1, HTC Touch HD and BlackBerry 9500 rating the first three.

Vedio games (10 ')
iPhone only supports M4V, MP4, MOV. Let's see these "murderers iPhone". We play 13 video formats, including AVI, MP4, RMVB, WMV, etc., in these games. If you can play one, you get 1. Generally included in the test video, but phones with open operating systems will get more marks.

CorePlayer, as it can be installed on the HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch HD and Samsung i908, which are added every 2 '. Although, G1 does not have a video player that can play 480x352 pixels, H.264, H.263 video format provides the Video Player is installed on the market. He gave us 2.

Web browser (10 ')
IPhone is the best in the Safari Web browser. Youtube video player has increased. Browser and Youtube are the elements of proof in this section.

Accessories (10 ')
In this competition, computer hardware, not valued. Nevertheless, the data communications hardware and some groups still need our attention. In terms of data compares interface flash memory expansion slot, headphone jack, GPS, camera and speaker. HTC Touch HD is the highest mark - 7 '.

Sleep (10 ')
It appears that these murderers are not the iPhone battery better than the iPhone. Fortunately, the battery can be changed. We tested the theoretical batteries will be given 4 'and the practical results in the light 6. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is the best show.

Total Points:
In calculating the overall score in Excel, is the HTC Touch HD is the champion again! He was "the best phone is equipped with hardware in the test" 17 Windows Mobile smartphones contest we did in December last year. In this competition, is "the best phone iPhone killer in 2008."
Windows Mobile Smartphone HTC Touch HD launched in late 2008. The most specific of its super-high-resolution 3.8 "screen.

Developing leadership skills:
A. User Interface
iPhone is the user interface is simple and delicate, and the "iPhone killer had their own institutions, and the mode of operation. Easy, comfortable, brilliant user interface devices are always" point of sale.
Appendix B: iPhone in the store is considered the most mature platform for commercial software. Android market is expanding very quickly. Nevertheless, Windows Mobile, Symbian S60 and Blackberry does not have built your online store software to date. The signing of Symbian is a bother. There is no doubt that in the future, simply download the program and online store are the trend.
C. As 3G becomes more and more popular, mobile phones are the most common device for the WWW, RSS, twitter, video blog, even online games. Telephone for Internet applications iPhone killers' developing field. Google Android OS is open to all Internet. Like the iPhone, is a typical phone in his hand was on the Internet.

In fact, these phones are not so convenient and easy as the name iPhone, but they were "murderers of iPhone". iPhone-still the dominant position. "It is beauty." Apple is the highest. These murderers have their own motto?

We want these phones can do more than imitate, and we hope that more and more about the creation and development in the future, phones and hope to see and use the phone much more interesting than the iPhone. This is the ultimate goal of this competition!

Make Money With iPhone Apps - How Amateur Developers Did It


Anyone can create an iPhone application, but not everyone knows the secret of making money on iPhone applications. This process is a strategic, deliberate, and simple. If you have a good idea to implement, which is in good shape, but its work was not completed.

As The New York Times Best-selling author Joel Comm make nearly $ 100,000 over the next few weeks?

Easy. He created iFart - an application that generates a flatulence sound with touch screen, a timer, or when certain movements of your phone. Her use of fun, fast and small.

It's very simple, fast and effective idea who shot at the top of a successful iPhone application list.


Develop applications that are focused, practical and small. The smaller file applications will run faster and be more attractive to potential buyers. If your application is too high, buyers may not have room for it in the iPhone, resulting in fewer people to buy, and you can not make more money with your iPhone approx.

Try not to keep hidden features in its implementation. If they are important, apart from them, and after the initial release of its application, the release of the premium version with additional features. This will allow you to sell one release (for those who need a little more) as well as the wider application, which can assume.

Some may argue with iFart it is not easy, but the fact that entertains and keeps the people to buy a solid idea of the application. IPhone in building applications, make sure that your idea is accessible and reusable. There is no need for novelty - as iFart - just have to keep people attention. This will help spread the word and earn money with your iPhone Apps.

Keep small, to keep it simple and create applications that people use again and again.

Internet advertising

Many say that Google AdSense is a way of advertising for its implementation. This allows for the free advertising on the pages of your application. For the first time visitors, or registration, and information pages, limit the number of ads they place on the page to give you a cleaner, less busy look. Optimize your AdSense application of Web presence and, in turn, you will earn money with your iPhone Apps.

Send your requests for web-application Apple Products

Apple Web applications directory premiere of the new list of applications. You will not find much traffic in the other directories, so you must provide a directory of Apple. Once you submit, wait for Apple to reconsider its implementation. This review is just to see if your application can be used and working properly.

After the Apple for the assessment of his statement - which is about one day - to put your application on top of the chronological list. You will get a lot of visits during the first days after its implementation, because of its location at the top of the list of directories. This is the most important of the total income, as when your application will be more, and you'll make more money in iPhone applications.

Go to your applications

Apple will return to the list of their application at the top of the guide, if you resubmit your application with modifications. Fill out the form and then fill out the "News" section. Even if a small and simple changes, you must repeat your product. This will improve the visibility that the placement at the top of the list of directories again.

Always returns to its application on Thursday or Friday. Apple does not list applications for the weekend, so he is in the list on Thursday and Friday to remain at the top of the list the longest.

Repeat and Benefits

All these measures will help your application get exposure and iPhone buyers, but do not guarantee the success of your product. You must be compelling, concise, practical and effective implementation. If the application fits this mold, and follow these steps, you will succeed.

The main thing is that a good idea, but the trick is demonstrating its application in the world when it was created. Do this and you will earn money with your iPhone Apps.

How to Make Money With iPhone and the App Store


With the massive publicity in the iPhone App Store in full swing at the moment, never a better time to really move away from winning here. You know that the App Store, and independent developers to develop applications and sell in the store applications for relatively low rates. You may also have heard stories about the self-made millionaire through the applications store, and it is absolutely possible to do this yourself.

The fact that the trick with the iPhone application is not very profitable in the application itself (though they have a big doubt is a great advantage!), And marketing. If we take into account each of the stages of marketing development and sales. If your application is extremely useful for this great idea, it is likely that you will be catering to a particular audience. Keep in mind that while the public will be because those who are going to buy it. Always think that the public wants in its implementation. This can be done easily on the fact that when developing an application in the first place, it is likely that you are developing for their own use, and they may already belong to the audience you are designing for. Knowing your audience, no doubt, the most important thing you can take into account in the design, if you want to make money.

Note also more specific to your application for a hearing, you will most likely be reflected as a hot spot for the public. If the design is based on what his audience wants his audience is only interested in their application for to start work. Designed for your specific application, depending on the audience and your audience is interested in it specifically.

The ability to make money from iPhone and App Store is huge, and you absolutely need to move submitted too late to use this opportunity as soon as possible.

Make Money With iPhone Review


There is a line of business is booming at the moment, even as the rest of the world is becoming more and more on the economic downturn. This is a booming business moving forward, and the Apple App Store. Great thing that you can only get someone with the pen and turn a serious profit. Do not you find it is much easier and slicker way to turn a good profit on the Internet, or anywhere else is paid to the economy. And if you have no idea how to start your work, then you are in luck, because some people have created a useful guide to help you get started.

One of these guides MyPhoneRiches. If we look at how to make money with the iPhone, then you may already be familiar with them, and if not, do not worry, I'll give it a worn out here. Basically, this MyPhoneRiches guidance on how to obtain not only their own programs easily developed and delivered to the store applications, and effective marketing. It also undertakes to teach him how to design and implement their marketing campaign as efficiently as possible with maximum benefit.

Other things being offered in the guide are:

* Where to find and hire a good programmer is very cheap (if you can not imagine the program, although it is very easy to start working at their own discretion.)
* How to make other people in the marketing campaign, the work for you
* How to attract customers to your place almost instantaneously
* Ensure that your application has a number of components that can determine the success or failure.
* And much more ...

Therefore, its effectiveness is in any case? Well, with the product, you should exercise caution when advertising and sales page that hypes a lot, remember that you just bought at e-book, not get rich quick scheme. As with anything like this, you must put in the time to make money with it, and it is absolutely possible to make much money in it. I am not saying that waiting to buy books and then sit on autopilot, and suddenly become a millionaire. You should not expect ever made (but hey, if you know how to do this, let me know;))

Now, that because of the way, I sure know that the information and strategies contained in the high seriousness. There are lots of really useful tips and tricks that are here get serious on the right track, if you are willing to take work and time necessary to be successful. If so, then this eBook is definitely for you. I'll say that you need a simple time when the material in the guide, if you already have some basic (and I mean very basic) in this programming language. You need not be a master of programming or anything, but with little knowledge of what will make massive profits.

However, even if you are a programming, the manual contains many resources for you: a) start their own, or b) find a good and cheap in the rental program. In addition to the program's inception, the marketing is an integral part of making money with the application, and thankfully, is part of that leadership is more than MyPhoneRiches inch is packed with some very big secrets and marketing strategies, so that better the application and money there for you.

So that's what I think: if you're really ready to put in the time and effort needed to develop applications and the market value of their MyPhoneRiches is a guide for you. This will undoubtedly make many things much easier for you, and I can almost guarantee that will teach you something new. Now is the time to enter the App Store on iPhone boom, because if you wait too long, it will be much more difficult to achieve in terms of things and some really big gains. The sooner you start, the better, and that's why I'm encouraging everyone to give it a shot, and I really think, MyPhoneRiches given a chance.

Why You Need to Get in on iPhone App Design


With the advent of iPhone applications in the store, we saw thousands of new applications in the spring and I'm sure you all heard stories about people, and now becomes a self-made millionaires of its success is simple little iPhone Apps. And the fact that this is the beginning of the game you have a great opportunity to jump there and get the application which could make a lot of money. You can always find a thousand reasons why you should not do something, but let me tell you why, if you miss this opportunity, you want to see it with regret.

First, obviously, everyone who is capable of doing great and always goes for the opportunity to look back at this with some regret. Watch people who have had the opportunity to invest in Microsoft or Apple when small garage company and took it. Do not get me wrong, does not apply to the store on the same scale, but can do a very good life and beyond, of course, is as long as you know, what you do.

Secondly, the potential benefits are enormous. It is unlikely that you will find a wide and diverse set of base that is also willing to spend money on something only if the iPhone application store. That is, if you can find a niche audience that you have a program, you can probably sell it. She did not have to be the most creative and original idea of the square, it is simply to provide some functionality to the public. If you want to search only around ideas for every day things that you are using, or if you believe that someone can use. Think about that, Apps, which has seen advertising as a compass square. I fully functional compass, I have no reason to hold a compass Blvd. But I, because it puts the functionality of my iPhone. Heck, a guy made an application Farting is a button you can press to prepare perd noise. I doubt that a millionaire, but even that, of course, the money for it. My point is, everything can be okay.

And finally: Why not? Yes, it should be basic knowledge to start making applications for the iPhone, but it is. It is incredibly easy to start working and preparing a series of useful applications. And with such a huge advantage in recording countless benefits, why take that chance?

Upgrading Your iPhone Can Be Easier Than You Think


Electronics on the market today is constantly revised and improved. Newer, faster and more sleek version of constant pressure on the shelves, resulting in its version is obsolete and slowly but surely become obsolete. For many it is a kind of irritation: the second you buy a new camera, it seems as if the new version has been released, making a purchase at a stupid. As a result, many people balk at the idea of buying a new part of the electronic equipment. The probability that you will spend a considerable amount of money on products that keep it with you for years to come at the wrong time, it is alarming, and rightly so.

Consider the same situation, but in the car: you spend time to familiarize themselves with the current market, and reach what you really think this is a well-informed and intelligent decision. Where to go ahead and make your first payment on the car, a new, faster, more aesthetically pleasing model going for the same price you just paid. Although you would be crazy to throw the car you bought and buy a new one, which is justified in feeling as if you were a little misleading in some way. It is simply a form of business - nobody is going to celebrate its history with more spitting on the shoulders and consoling comment. However, there are ways to avoid this trap classics, and is feasible, at least tip the scales in your favor.

How can one go to ensure that this has not happened to you? Well, there are several ways. First, research on the product before you jump in the cost of your purchase. Crawl websites and web pages are based on the message boards and rumor of the desired product to the next generation that will hit the shops. Even more awareness among consumers can get, I had to wait another two weeks "trap - some companies keep their latest products in secret from the public in order to create a hint, when making a statement. But this is not meant to be more disappointed. Instead, you should exhale and Revel in the fact that you can use your existing electronic equipment to help you buy the next model.

Of all the phones on the market today, iPhone, seems to be the largest cult, and most of the new support of any of them. With dozens of unique features, unlike iPhones truly something that exists currently on the market, most likely the driving force behind its growing popularity. However, like any technology, the iPhone remains Tinkera, and the new, bigger and faster version of the product hits stores. Therefore, regardless of how you're loyal to your iPhone, you might spill your present a new model in the near future. As a result, when the time comes to sell your used iPhone 2G or 3G, which should seek higher U.S. dollars for the product. There are sites that are active in this market and used to sell used a 2G or 3G iPhone will be the simplest and most cost effective way. The decision to sell your used iPhone 2G or 3G is not one that has much to worry about - with the money you receive after selling their used iPhone 2G and 3G, you are one step closer to buying the new version of the phone what you want. Remaining loyal to brands is a worthy trait, and then sell the used iPhone 2G and 3G, you can continue to support the company and will buy a new and improved version of the phone.

Get the Best Deal For Your Old iPhone 2G


There is nothing better than a little help to the economy through the current economic crisis facing the nation and know what to do with the old things we do not want, need or use could mean a big difference in a person's life . This is especially true, if unwanted, unnecessary and / or unused item comes as part of the electronic equipment, such as the iPhone: small, these devices retain their value over time and, although you may not think too the device after having used it for over a year, it is certain that many people who love their new owner. Therefore, be smart and know how to sell the iPhone 2G to 3G, or even better.

What most people need to realize that, thanks to the beauty of the Internet, you can go ahead and do these operations without even having to leave their homes. There are places where the electronic ground to ensure a comprehensive service for those who want to sell the iPhone 2G and 3G, so all you have to do is find out which of these sites are credible and which are the second course of operations. There are some features in common with these types of sites selling computers and other electronic equipment, and basically you want to look the same in any of these sites. The biggest and most important thing to find in these places where people sell iPhone 2G and 3G and other models should be easily accessible and fair quote, as well as extensive information on the measures, namely, to continue to complete the transaction.

Quote, above all, one of the important features to consider: if a site is not specified in the direction of how to get an appointment, then something is wrong, and go somewhere else. Only a few clicks, you can enter relevant information about the drive you want to sell (as well as resources to help you identify the model, etc) and have immediate access to an appointment. If you agree with the quote and want to move to sell iPhone 2G and 3G do not want, and then the site should provide instructions on how to do it.

Best sites will send you a box with prepaid shipping label so that they do not even have to worry about these two minimum cost. These materials must be delivered to your home and everything you need to do is pack up your phone and send it to the society. That (if they are legitimate transactions) review of the phone and make sure it matches the information you originally planned, and if all the lines correctly, you will receive a check, make the entire process for the sale of iPhone 2G and 3G, or simply for simple things.

Get Started With iPhone Development


iPhone is one of the hottest in the world of IT. Many programmers have beaten gold writing their own applications. Studies have shown that even a free program that could lead to $ 4000 per day, provided that they fall into the 100 applications for the iTunes. Now think about the possibility, if you write a program that paid virales. Not surprisingly, many programmers have left their jobs to become full-time day of developers Apple.

Application Development for iPhone is not so difficult. You must be fluent in C and the native experience in the field of computer science, or design, it may be necessary if you want to do more. If you are not programmed, you will probably have to start with a basic design concept of the idea that the work in this platform. The most user-friendly design, the best chance of success you have when it comes to dominate iTunes charts.

Here are some ideas that need to master in order to write a killer piece of software:

* Intuitive user interface: the last thing he wants to do this is confusing its customers.
* Implementation of control: the majority of its construction and design of windows and navigation.
* Graphics: If you are interested in, or the Open GL graphics core, you need to master these concepts.
* Sound: rating of any iPhone-app. iFart uses this concept brilliantly.
* Network: want to create more players? You need to learn the concept of networking to create your multiplayer game killer.
* GPS: GPS is cool, you see solutions in iTunes? There are many good ideas that can be associated with the use of GPS-functionality in the gadget to ensure greater value for users of OT.
* Video: delivery and streaming video is another issue that should be familiar with leaving the list of 100 best.

There you have it. You do not need super complex idea to be successful in this field. You just need an idea that is unique and provides great value to society. The best way to get ideas is to see what is the best. This should put you on the right track.

University Requires Students to Own iPhone


In the first case we heard of the Smart School partnership, beginning with this fall semester sessions, all of Missouri School of Journalism students will be forced to buy iPhone or IPod touch.

If a school directive on this issue, you'll notice that the sound resembles a short message from Apple, smartphone describes as "significantly more" than just a music player. From the standpoint of the Academy, what is meant by the statement that students can download lectures, podcasts and other educational materials in the first year of leadership and information, all of iTunes U, freedom of education "Department" in the iTunes Music Store.

Plans for the future of this marriage, iPhones, and education of Mizzou say, include the ability to find appropriate answers to questions related to students' schools can be, for example, where to find information integral to the solution of problems related to their program of study.

This new mandate in the next step logically prior (and still is) a requirement for all students to purchase laptops in the school prefers to Apple laptop, it is clear that in the 4-year old edict, stating that, while Laptop computers are allowed, which is not recommended, such as buying a computer, and all software multimedia - audio, video, photos, etc. - It would be much more expensive than just buy Apple now fully integrated. He also notes that Apple is based on the school Unix, OS X is much less vulnerable to viruses.

Bonds for students who require their iPhones (besides the obvious benefits of telecommunications and multimedia), is the development of applications, iPhone, iPhone Student Competition, in charge of schools, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. A group of four students last year won free trips in the world Apple developers conference in the amount of $ 1295 each for his invention in the application of real estate search, NearBuy (now for free download on iTunes).

Fortunately for many financially-strapped Missouri School of Journalism students, because it believes that the school is one of the requirements of their financial aid packages may include the purchase. More than half of those interviewed students throughout the world in 2008 stated that, when given the choice, would prefer an electronic text document and print texts. This is due to the students a lot lighter backpacks.

iPhone - The Next Generation of Social Applications


Facebook has recently been recognized as number 1 at any time, free applications for the iPhone Application store. The popularity of Facebook for the iPhone has more than 7 million active users each month, in 25% of the 30 million mobile phone users. Using metrics and participation shows that the curve iPhone, of course, the future of social applications. A merger of the growing trend of using iPhone and broaden participation through Facebook has opened up new horizons for advertisers as well.

iPhone applications are available free of charge, as well as unloading, loading, typically from $ 0.99 to $ 2.99. Be it free or charged, these statements, quickly make their millions of users. Facebook is on track to find layers and dynamic. Start with the mobile Facebook, the second in a row was Facebook for iPhone, and just connect via Facebook to connect. Finally Facebook to connect the iPhone to make a connection to close all together. This remarkable Gizmo is to break all the obstacles, one to expand and improve the level of participation, while it refuses to stop.

Photo Viewer, picture messages and composer hits the web, some of Facebook iPhone profitable. Share photos becomes an interactive function that worked in a big fight against Facebook restructuring itself, then became the most downloaded iPhone approx. All in all these applications, iPhone has changed our way of life and continues to do so.

The first firm who have heard about iPhone in December 2004, when the news became a trickle that Apple is working on the phone with your Motorola as its manufacturing partners. Ten months later, under the shadow of the best-selling IPod Nano, which debuted ballyhoo device - in the ROKR E1 - a bastard product that Apple never put any weight, and Motorola soon forget.

Two IPhone Accessories You Need to Have


Regardless of the style that you buy for your new iPhone, there are two accessories that are absolutely necessary. Fortunately, you'll find these pretty cheap iPhone accessories. At the same time, we can extend the life and productive capacity of your phone.

Protect your screen

As you know, the iPhone uses a touch screen and stylus for some functions. Although the screen is durable, will remain scratched for everyday use. Unfortunately, this can reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen and even destroy it. Fortunately, you can buy screen protectors to fit over the area using the stylus. After developing the film scratches, simply replace. Undoubtedly, it will be much cheaper than buying a new iPhone.

Sync cable

Even if your iPhone can be synchronized with different power cords and cargo, which could have some use for the purchase of a cable that does both. Whether you intend to connect your iPhone to your laptop or desktop computer, you will appreciate a light cable for use when needed. No matter whether you travel with your iPhone, which will be much easier to keep the retractable cable instead of a full base coupling.

In considering the various iPhone accessories, it will be useful for search, which will help protect your new phone, as well as to ensure that it can be used for various purposes. Not surprisingly, two of the least expensive accessories for you. Undoubtedly, if you want to enjoy your new iPhone in the coming years, you notice that the screen protectors and a multi-use cables are required.

Bejeweled 2 iPhone Game Review


Bejeweled 2 is a classic puzzle, as well as the sequel to the original Bejeweled, which is also seen the launch of iPhone developer PopCap Games. The popularity of Bejeweled 2 is the cornerstone of many gaming sites, including skills based gaming / gambling sites, as king.com, where he was one of the most controversial games.

Bejeweled 2 is not cheap. You'll pay $ 10 to enjoy the game on the fly on your iPhone. Taking into account the fact that you can play this game online for free (though not the game), there is always a doubt, the game is worth its price. Read before you find out if you spend $ 10 or not.

If you loved the classic puzzle game old, who worked on the "easy to understand but hard to master" premise, you like Bejeweled 2. Understand how the game is not very difficult. The game has two modes, and you can choose to play in any mode. However, the game is not very different in both modes.

At the beginning of each stage, there are many colored gems on the screen. Their task is to create a network of 3 jewelry. The string must be identical only jewelry. If the selected different gems, the board must be reset. Their task is to form a chain every time you make a move. The game should allow random steps made by the chain, which does not occur. This makes the game much more difficult, but the concept is very simple and easy to understand.

Sounds simple enough, and it is, but the real trick to play in creating combos and big networks. Like chess, you have to think in the future and can instantly recognize as to affect everything else that happens. Just plowing through the game, all points of view can get a decent score if you're fast enough, and you may stumble upon, and major chain combos times, but the game can only be mastered by those who are actively Create own combos.

The trick to winning a large number of points in the shortest time possible is a long chain to get more bonuses. Creating a chain composed of four jewels will lead to a shining jewel on the board. After this brilliant pearl in the string is too compatible with a lot of precious stones around a bright pearl will be destroyed and their match will see a large increase. A string of five pearls is the largest chain, you can create. This step will lead to a super rock that is creating, whether on the third line of Jewel chain, destroy all the gems on the board. Extensive network of each other, and together help to increase your points. A combination is created with the creation of a single string leads to a reorganization of the positions of other jewels in the network without any additional measures.

Strong drawing and coloring, with static background images, which are interesting from the point of view, but not so much that you pull to distract attention away from his game. On chain combos and as a result of some good explosions of color, but for the most part, there is not much happening on the screen that will stand up and take notice. It's like a puzzle game, too bright or dexterity graphic effects can hinder the game, so that this balance is ultimately for the better.

Audio production significantly, as the graphics are very solid, but ultimately limited in its scope. The various sound effects especially pleasant to the ears and the music is very relaxed and contributes to a serious game, for the most part.

This is very common that the participants in such games to the list of high points religiously. However, this object is not present in this game, and no means of monitoring major points in this game. In addition, no options or additional modes are available in this game is concerned. In the absence of these two features is disappointing.

In general, Bejeweled 2, a good puzzle game. However, this game is very often seem random, but complex puzzle or strategic, such as the type of game should be. It can take months for an individual to master the game, it's a good thing. The price of the top and those who play this game for the first time may be too expensive. However, for those who play this game, it is certainly a good option to stay busy

Total games: 6 out of 10

Do You Really Need an iPhone?


In the Apple iPhone is one of the hottest, most popular devices available in those days. Despite this, many people do not realize what it is, what he does and all the amazing features of your offer. No doubt this is a great product that has a lot of publicity. But at the same time, there are many features of this device, not necessarily of interest to all.

This is really much more than a mobile phone. Ultimately, this technological gadget, which has a dizzying number of features. But do not make a high cost if you pay for many things simply are not used. Therefore, before moving ahead and buy one of these electronic wonders, make sure you understand what it does, and if all these funds have to be useful for you.

It is truly amazing how many versions of iPhone can offer. This is a mobile phone and media player. Combines all the most popular electronic devices available these days in a gadget. Not only is the device, cellular phone, but it is also a digital camera, music and video player, personal digital assistant, and the packet communication network. It also works on Apple OS-X operating system.

Among the features that this device is the best known is its touchscreen. This allows the user to easily access all the tools and toys that are available, including a list of contacts and calls and e-stories. It also offers greater interactivity, which is that many people are interested in having a mobile phone.

Another advantage of the iPhone is that there are many applications that can be downloaded separately to make the device even more useful. For example, you can download the Google Reader, allowing you to browse the latest news on the Internet, like you, if you were on your home computer. Then there is iPhone Chat, an application that lets you enter the AOL Instant Messenger, and do whatever we can do at your home computer.

For many people, these funds will be used more frequently and are useful and interesting. But others may find that simply do not need that many technologies in their hands. There are more than simple devices that offer fewer bells and whistles, which are sufficient to meet the needs of many people.

iPhone Movie Downloads - No More Compromise!


The new sensational invention, a cell phone Diploma IPod, gave life to many websites which offer various media for excited owners of iPhone, including iPhone movie downloads. Even models with a lower ability to easily store 2-3 length movies, so why leave your wonderful new Gizmo empty?

However, when the majority of iPhone owners turn such sites as iTunes, they realize that the ability to download movies is not cheap at all. Some other famous sites such as Amazon, to create competition, but still quite expensive, especially if you gather a small collection of movies for your iPhone.

At the same time, not to mention some "free" sites, you fool. While advertising and totally free, these sites have ways to get money from his pocket. You can be free, and even the iPhone can download the movie you want, but to use that file and convert it into a format compatible with the iPhone, you will be asked to pay.

A free download is available only to torrent sites or exchange files, for example, the supplier will be another owner of the file, I was looking for. Nevertheless, the whole world knows that the release of these sites, how to play with fire, especially if the computer is not protected by the latest antivirus software. A lot of popups, which are common on torrent websites invariably point to the existence of advertising and spyware that can slow down your computer significantly. It's really not worth risking your PC only to fill in your iPhone, when you have much better options.

IPhone quality movie downloads can be found at very low price, if you know which sites to search. Rather than pay for each download or membership renewal consideration receive unlimited media downloads for the new device is amazing. IPhone is not only download movies and music, games, videos, software and more are available after the registration fee. Obviously, the choice of the people who used to manage your budget wisely.

Some of the most authoritative sites for unlimited downloads include iPhone iPhone iPhone Nova and iPhone Unlimited Download Pro. All three characteristics have to search if you want to provide the highest return on investment. Along with a wide range of files from various media for the iPhone, these sites combine excellent 24 / 7 technical support and unlimited bandwidth or downloading.

Now you know that you can use the device to a high peak of its capabilities without combustion pocket. Therefore, forget about compromise and get thousands if not millions, quality iPhone movie downloads at all cost.

iPhone 3G Vs Nokia Xpress Music - Apple's iPhone Or Nokia's 5800 For Music?


To begin with the Nokia 5800 can be proud of the achievement of a touch screen phone, a feature Xpress music while working on the Symbian S60 operating system with GPS. At that time, iPhone 3G has GPS, and additional support for fast data 3GHSDPA. Since the official SDK, iPhone 3G can work on a new software version. Although it has a screen, camera, operating system and memory similar to the Nokia 5800, Nokia has features 3.2-inch 640 × 360 pixels display, 3.2MP camera, WiFi, and 3.5 mm jack.

The physical threat to the Apple iPhone Nokia 5800 Xpress Music
If we only look at the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music performance at the Apple iPhone. Nokia 5800 has a light texture with stripes to be able to withstand. At that time, Apple iPhone, which was originally from metal, plastic has become a bright always vulnerable to wear and tear, scratches and lose its charm.

Nokia 5800 is the smaller of the two. In the iPhone 115.5x62.1x12.3mm steps (133 g) with the Nokia 5800 that measures 111x51.7x15.5mm (109 g), which is only 3 mm thick. Nevertheless, Apple wins design and build quality. Thus, iPhone 3G is more sturdily built, and beautiful.

Apple iPhone has a rear seat, storage is limited to 8 or 16 GB via its version in comparison with the model that Nokia 5800 has expandable memory up to 32 GB.

Nokia 5800 certainly scores high because it comes with a tripod table, travel, text entry mediator, a memory card 8 GB, cable TV, cable, USB, headset. Given that the 3G iPhone is filled with a cradle, USB-cable, primitive eartag and tissue bundles.

Hardware and connection
Apple iPhone comes with no memory slot. Get the audio jack 3,5 mm and a slot loader firmware can also be used for synchronization. Nevertheless, the tube is equipped with a standard micro-USB connector 3.5 mm jack for headphones and a memory card slot, which is more than the iPhone.

Metro has won this event with 406 hours standby time and talk, in 8.45 hours. You music fan? You can listen to your favorite MP3 songs continuously for 35 hours. In addition, Apple just waiting for 300 hours. Nevertheless, it is better to talk time of 10 hours. It also offers 24 hours of continuous music in MP3-file. It may also be assumed to be the best choice for you.

Nokia 5800 uses a 3.2 megapixel quality in comparison with the Apple iPhone is equipped with only a weak 2 MP camera. Nokia has auto-focus camera with a powerful flash and optics Carl Zeiss. This combination makes the camera of one of the best that you can take your phone.

Keeping many factors into account, along with the price (much cheaper than the tube, and unlocked for each service), the Nokia 5800 Music Express is a leader in many features compared to Apple iPhone.

Bowman iPhone Game - Killing Your Opponent One Arrow at a Time


If you are looking for a simple, fun and addictive addition to his collection of iPhone games, Bowman is a reliable way to keep you entertained. In the premise of the Bowman iPhone game is very simple - you archer archer competing with another - whether human or AI - and you have to shoot another human being before he or she kills again.

Bowman is a classic game, but the iPhone / IPod Touch version has updated graphics and come with three different ways: single multiplayer game and birds. For single-and multi-player, the goalie is at different points in each game, so you must find the perfect angle for arrowheads. Shoot arrows, you must use your finger to pull the string, move up or down to adjust the angle and power. Remove your finger in the direction of an onion, then fly through the sky and the spec of your opponent. If you are hit or miss, your opponent goes ahead and tries to kill a person. Once you have made enough arrows at your opponent, you win the game.

The game sounds simple, but actually Bowman game of who can judge the angle and force shots more accurately. A head shot does more damage while landing at the hands of his opponent in the chest, the second place. The arrows land anywhere on the body of your opponent will cause less damage. You and your opponent will also be able to install critical strikes, and the number of arrows, which is required for the final game or Archer to be killed.

A great deal about the iPhone Bowman game you can play against the computer or against a friend. If none of your friends in the mood to kill each other, you can offer a friendly game bird shooting. In order, as a game bird, you get three minutes to shoot as many birds as possible. Once you've done, your opponent is trying to beat the number of birds killed. Whoever wins the shot more birds.

Graphics in the game cartoony Bowman iPhone, but still very attractive. Once the goalkeeper beaten, or the blood of birds cartoony - nothing too graphic - a jet on the ground, and the arrows on the basis of sticks.

Currently, the iPhone can be loaded only at 99 ¢ Bowman, but after an updated version of the game begins, the price will increase to $ 1.99. Upgrades will include changes Bowman distance, the wind and the walls, different rates of poultry, limited power, health bars, arrows and a limited global scoring system, among others. Anyone who loads up to 99 ¢ Bowman gets a free upgrade, so if you have not played this game before, this time to connect and kill your opponent arc once.

Skype For iPhone - 3 Reasons to Make the Switch


Yes, now you can get Skype for the iPhone!

What does this mean?

1. Now we can talk with other members for free via your iPhone.

2. You can use this service for free calls from any WiFi zone. You may also be able to call other mobile phones and that a great phone and great rates.

3. You also have the opportunity to see who is on site, and send and receive instant messages, and you move.

Use of this service. You will have unlimited Skype Skype calls from any WiFi zone, and the ability to reach friends and family for free! Yes, free!

1. Can I use the 3G network? You have the opportunity to use it for 3G.

2. Lee IPod touch the phone. Yes The service is compatible with the IPod touch the phone.

3. Can I receive calls and chats with Skype on my iPhone? Yes, all this is possible with the new service.

In addition, you can save a lot of money with great value calls to landlines and other mobile devices.

The stakes are unbeatable! You will have the opportunity for people throughout the world, wherever you are! You have the opportunity to pay As You Go credit with a subscription to receive unlimited calls to fixed lines. This also applies to mobile phones in some countries.

Note. This service is only available in the Wi-Fi. Take advantage of this great service, you can get today! This new service.

The Legitimate iPhone Killer - The Nokia E71


2008 saw the launch of Apple iPhone 3G. She has not been successful and unsuccessful first option in the iPhone. Apple introduced the 3G technology for the new version, which would lead to greater overall efficiency in terms of industry technology. The iPhone is based on the success of Apple iPod, and use their religion to be able to penetrate the highly competitive wireless industry. Today, the popularity of Apple's iPhone is indisputable, and some even claim that this is the best phone on the market.

Because of the advanced features and innovative projects, consumers tend to choose a new brand comes in place of more established, such as Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and Motorola. Not to be outdone, the telecom giants mentioned above responded by creating their own partners for the iPhone. Noble efforts have been made, but few of the new line of mobile phones, which are at par with Nokia E71. Was chosen as the best smartphone in the magazine "Time" in 2008, surpassing iPhone in this prestigious category. Here are some reasons for criticism, some of them, at least, I think the Nokia E71 is a cut above the Apple iPhone.

For a start, Nokia does not fall into the trap of thinking that the addition of a touch screen on the phone automatically means that they can compete with the iPhone. Innovation has precedence over simulation and Nokia have made sure you are in charge of iPhone in terms of functionality of the device. Perhaps the clearest difference between the two phones in this category will be built in applications Quickoffice E71. Although the iPhone allows the e-mail attachments should be visible, the E71 is a step forward because it allows users to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The latter can also open and edit Microsoft Office files, which promotes ease of use, and has incorporated into the Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF files.

As for the media, might think that the iPhone is sure to take this category hands of a smartphone with iPod integration technology. In the iPhone wins in terms of storage, 16GB version E71, although only a memory card slot, which so far only with a maximum capacity of 8GB.

However, most critics felt that the E71-still has an advantage as a quality speaker phones from Nokia, is much better than the iPhone. In the E71 also has an FM radio, an important feature that the iPhone does not. Other intangible assets include the option to send MMS, file manager, Java compatibility, removable battery, a chance to capture video and 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera (with the iPhone only has 2 megapixel camera, fixed focus), the features and functions that are present in the Nokia E71 but not the iPhone.

Success on the iPhone is beyond doubt, and the device is certainly top of the box. However, if you're looking for an alternative, not as substantive as the iPhone, and even most of the features and functions are very popular mobile devices, the Nokia E71, of course, the choice is yours.

How to Turn Your iPhone Into the Ultimate Gadget


Instead of filling their pockets with a collection of new songs, how do you want a device that did everything? What if I told you that no matter what situation in life, student, homemaker, entrepreneur, and this device (if you can afford it), will work for you? Enter the Apple iPhone. In the iPhone contains everything you need in one stylish unit - the device is considered an icon of the mobile PC technology. A mobile phone with a ratio of up to 8GB of memory.

You not only get a beautiful piece of technology, to buy the iPhone, which also have access to many downloadable applications to further expand its use. No buttons - no keys. This is all done on screen. LCD touch screen technology offers to fight against the surface of zero. Mobile technology is literally at your fingertips.

So what you can build this car for you? What's behind? The iPhone is the entertainment system with movies and video games, Internet surfing, and includes a camera becomes a tool of personalization for users, not the user, to adapt for use. On a more practical nature, which includes the exchange of text messages, email and visual voice mail. This is a WiFi Internet connection only has to be hot spots, or GPRS, you can make full use of Internet services.

While in no way negatively on the productivity and versatility of power in the iPhone, is now two defects in the design. One is with respect to the battery and the other memory slots - or its absence.

If the battery needs, you can not use the charger in the wall. You must send all of Apple and the iPhone (if still under warranty) to pay to replace it and cover shipping costs. Apple is working on it, but at the time of writing, no formal method available. There are separate sets of batteries, but they relate to the technical approach, not just schedule another battery or provide a way to replace the existing one.

Another issue is that you can not add memory. There is a slot not in the original iPhone.

With almost strange intellect, and without the use of GPS, iPhone has the ability to control their own use of signals from mobile phones masts and WiFi networks. Later models of 3G includes a GPS, but still uses the same system, only with greater precision.

In general, if you want more space in your pocket and still have the potential of gadgets for the iPhone would be ideal for your purchase.

iPod Touch and iPhone Problems - How to Recover From a Crash and Prevent it From Happening Again


If your iPhone or iPod touch has become a bit grumpy, failures and freezing there things that can solve this problem and to help ensure this does not happen again.

Your iPhone / Touch is very simple handheld computer, and like all teams, if it is not working for many days or weeks on end, can start to develop several problems, which caused him occasionally by accident. When the device turns off the screen or when you press your hand on top, it's really not completely closed, and going to sleep similar to the desktop. Like the team, which occasionally is necessary to complete the restart. To hold the power button on top until the red slider appears, and then move the slider to deactivate the device. Do not worry, all your data will be saved. Turn back while holding the power button again for a second or two. Note that it is quite normal to have a device for minute or so from cold.

Force Quit
So what to do if you are in the center, using your favorite application, and then suddenly just stops responding? This custom of the scroll button does not work, and even the home button on the main device used to return to the home screen. Not a computer, where you can simply switch to the desktop and force it to quit smoking! Well, actually it is in transit. If you simply stop responding to keep the house six or seven seconds. This is equivalent to iphone Force Quit on Mac or Windows End Task.

Forced Restart
If the device is completely blocked, and still can not close using the above method is a way to make your resume. Hold down the power button, as above, but this time hold the start button at the same time until the Apple logo appears. This will actually make the car completely to reboot again to take a minute or less.

Replace hard to apply
If you have to reset the device completely, but there is one particular application that insists on the failure, one could try to replace it with a new copy. First, remove the square by pressing hard on the finger until it starts to wiggle. Press the X button, which appears in the upper left corner of the icon. Note that if you delete the application, which was purchased in the device (as opposed to the computer) before each synchronization, the application will be lost forever, and you have to download a new version of the store. The annex has been removed, and can be replaced by a copy of iTunes on your computer. Connect the device to your computer, open iTunes and wait. In iTunes, select the device icon in the left column, then click the "Applications" in the main window. Make sure you have removed the application of the device has been selected for synchronization, click Synchronize on the bottom right corner. A new copy of the application is downloaded to the device.

Changing the settings
No amount of restarting will help, if the actual data on the device that is damaged. Fortunately, Apple provided a way to replace the key data. Open the application and select Settings and select Reset General.Scroll. The first two items on the list as a result of the dumping of all the settings and delete all content and settings. Ignore the following four elements. The preferences are the ways you can configure the device for its own use and content of the media and the data loaded into it. Resetting the device will be restored to its original state, but keeping all the media you've added to it. Remove all content and settings completely reset the device to its original state when the first purchase. If re-synchronize the device with your computer is filled with a new copy of the content.

I hope this information will help you restore your iPhone / Click to return to normal operation, is the first time you use it and to avoid further disappointments in the future.

KA08 Accessories - Extras For This Mini Colorful iPhone Clone Are Easy to Find and Cheap to Buy


There is no doubt that a small, mini iPhone clones have become very popular. Not only small smooth excited people, but the availability of new colors, we have not seen before (lime green, pink or blue, pastel, etc.) add to the excitement. Of course, we had the red, white, gold and available before (and the colors are still available in KA08), but it is rare to see a Robin egg blue in the clone.

However, I sometimes get people who are with me and ask about the availability of decent accessories for this phone. These are people who face difficulties in obtaining spare parts, batteries, skins, etc., or to look for these things on the street. And if this is a nuisance, the life of your phone will not be as good as expected.

Mini KA08 popular as all the clones. Once the vendor that the phone has become widely recognized that waste no time to make accessories for it. This is no exception. While still at the end of the release, but there are many additional services to all parts of the world (not just China.) Then I'll go on price, availability and level of detail of some of the most popular accessories.

Installation instructions: (WAP, Internet, MMS, data and configuration): These are fairly intuitive phones for calls and text messages. In principle, you can insert any SIM-card GSM enabled and that is not part of the race in terms of making calls and texts. And if you have a good seller, many carriers will find that you are using the Internet and was created for you. But if this does not happen for whatever reason, "There are many places where you can get the initial configuration, or that the need for networks such as AT & T, T Mobile, Rogers and Cingular. Some even sold as software, so that work more or less done for you. They are about $ 5.

Internet and data cards: If you already have a plan or company that you are satisfied with the Internet and includes, you are done. Nevertheless, some people actually want to use these phones as prepaid or pay As You Go phones. They do not want to be tied to a monthly contract. But often at the expense of fees KB talking cards quite expensive. If you only want to use the net again at the time, it is still very profitable. But if you're heavier, unlimited prepaid cards can save money. They are often about $ 20, or even suggest the data and text, and any number up to maturity. Nevertheless, after the date a month later, when you need to buy a new one, if you want. Nevertheless, this is you from the contract or the high fees and the size can be achieved only when the know who are in need.

Battery charger (for home and car) or a USB cable: This is a CECT phone chargers are universal. It is a USB cable, which can be inserted into your computer to charge your phone or data transmission. Or, you can connect the car charger connector or apply for leave at the end of the cable to be used this way. They often come as part of a package that runs under $ 10.

Batteries: One cool thing about the strikes compromise is that you can freely change the battery. You do not have to pay someone to do it for you. These batteries often come in packages of two, and run about $ 10 - $ 12.

O Bluetooth Stereo Headset / Headphones: This mini supports Bluetooth so you can select a set of head or ear. And supports the headset for listening to FM-radio, MP3 / MP4 Player. It was very strong on the phone (even if rejected), which shows the headphones if you're using SMS to voice a lot.

Memory: The phone can accommodate up to 8 GB of memory. In the SD-card with this update, usually about $ 10 - $ 15.

Shields screen: If you hear complaints about those phones with touch screens, all fingers dragging creates spots. These security guards to clear land cheaply easily. They are about $ 2, but if you like touching your finger against the glass, can also become a little napkins for cleaning stains from these phones.

Cases / Skins: Cases, bags and leather accessories are very popular for most of the clones, but I do not see the same interest with him, probably because people do not want to hide the cold colors. In this case, you can choose the color that makes you come across.

Second JD Power Award For Apple iPhone


Once again, Apple iPhone won JD Power award for customer satisfaction among consumers as in the past year. After a survey study of customer satisfaction, JD Power and Associates released the results. As a result, iPhone is the highest among smartphone this year, too. To determine the level of customer satisfaction There are five factors - ease of operation, operating systems, physical design, battery, and judicial functions.

The ordinance, Apple scored in every thing, battery is not the case however, iPhone is the prize. A level of customer satisfaction, as determined in a series of 1000. Overall, the iPhone has received 1000 ratings higher than 791 points to all smarphone. This is the highest score for the iPhone to win JD Powers to award this year.

The proposal to customer satisfaction There are also other manufacturers - LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Palm, RIM Blackberry, etc. In this series were 772 points of LG and Samsung 759. Satisfactory globally 751 points was a smartphone.

Last year awards from JD Power products for the 1400 survey of customer satisfaction. The Award was held in August and September by the analysis of consumers. In this award, for the same - simplicity of operation, operating systems, design, phone, battery and the iPhone more questions in terms of premiums.

Last year, the iPhone has 778 points in 1000. In this series of Samsung has beaten Apple iPhone. This year I also excellent rating iPhone in four of the five categories, with the exception of the battery. In aspects of the battery is circled ROME gold between all products.

We can be pleased that sales of iPhone. During the first three months of 2009, sales of iPhone has broken all records. That is 3.8 million which is 123% sales growth.

How to Write a Killer iPhone App


iPhone application development is one of the best courses in the field of information technology in those days. Many programmers have found instant fame and happiness by writing a killer iPhone application. It is true that these statements are fairly cheap, but if you write that the virus goes, you can make a lot of money. But the problem is. How to write a virus for mobile phones? Not all cases will be done, and may ultimately cost the working hours of the application that ultimately do not produce real results. Here are some factors that have contributed to the web application, go to the iTunes virus:

* Simplicity: you want a program that is easy to use. You do not want your users to be rocket scientists to play with your product. The harder you make your program if you have success.
* Utilities: This is in fact used for public services and Web applications. You must solve the problem and the need to consider. You can not provide the goods, in order to do so.
* Innovation: Sometimes the simplest ideas take off, because nobody thought about them before. Take for example the iFart. It is very simple, but its developers have made a lot of money.
* Price: it may be at a price of $ 0.99 to $ 20. Sometimes, you get more value by offering all this for free. In fact, many companies have acquired a lot of exposure, giving gifts. Make sure the price is too high or it will turn people out.
* Support: react. We provide support and reap the rewards.
* New: their work is not done, once you have completed the coding. It should listen to their customers and provide them with the functions they need.

Write code that can not be difficult for you, but their application to go viral is not as easy as it seems. The simplicity and cost, and it is on its way.
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