CECT KA08 Review - Look How Great This Mini iPhone Clone Is


I am beginning to see strong interest in a mini-clone of iPhone, including CECT KA08. People love the size of this phone, as well as a variety of colors for her. This is indeed a majority of all the functions of the most popular models on a small phone that easily fits in the palm of your hand. In this article I will go into the performance, functionality and price to this small clone iPhone Tiny.

This small size: I think that most people call this phone is a cute little size. Let's face it. There is no doubt that the iPhone is a kind of cumbersome. You can feel if you put it in your pocket. Or, peeks of your portfolio. He was too strong. In the KA08 has no such problems. He is literally the size of a bank or credit card. Weighs only 68 grams and is one of the youngest there. Thus, if the size of your main criterion, it would probably do quite happy.

Colors: Other support for this phone is the color options. Although we had a red, white, black, silver and gold, then, are less likely to see in hot pink or pastel pink, royal blue, or green apple. Nevertheless, all these colors are a reality with the spacecraft. Of course, you are still your red, black and white, too. And frankly, I think that the red and white looks best because of the high-gloss for this phone.

Features: If you like I9 find most of the features in this phone. This Quad band and dual active SIM. It has the characteristic of motion and tilt. It has Bluetooth, WAP, SMS, MMS, EMS, FM radio and e-book reader. Even in this small package, you will find music and video player. There is a written speech and voice dialing. You can assign pictures and ringtones for each contact. In the camera, web camera is a little update to 2.0 mega pixels.

But the fact that they are not Java (at least most of them on the market right now.) If you are dead set in relation to Java, then you might want to check I9 3G. In CECT I9 3G is too small (though not as small satellites), includes Java, has 10 pages of new icons, but also comes in red, white and black.

Performance: Like the majority of CECT's, speakers loudly about it. Touch the finger is sensitive and very fast browser, especially if you're using Opera Mini. The screen resolution is really excellent and it is remarkable that the viewing of the network in large flat screen. Frankly, I am skeptical about the benefits of this phone is small, but argues. The text is better than I thought, although I prefer using a stylus. And the size is good only when you want to throw it in your pocket and the realization of no more than that.

Price: This is an attractive price. Usually there are no problems found on less than $ 100, even with the 8GB. And, you can use any GSM SIM-card with the phone, including the payment of money or to pay You Go. This frees you from the contract or monthly bills, if you want to save on the price of the phone more than they initially save.

Make Long Distance and free Calls from Your iPhone


My cell is my main line of communication to keep connected to my family and friends. When you're on the road, sometimes you have to make calls, even if the person you are calling, very close to its local phone region. This may entail additional costs on their monthly phone plan.

Have you ever noticed that most people do not keep in contact as much as before due to the fact that they do not want to pay for long distance calls. It is unfortunate that some people do not want to make even a business card to hear the voice of a close friend or family member. Text messaging is one of the ways people around this and still keep in touch with your contacts.

I learned that you can make calls from your mobile phone Skype. Skype VoIP is a service that allows you to connect to another via an Internet connection. Now you can download the Skype application for iPhone and IPod touch.

What you get with Skype for iPhone

* Free Skype to Skype calls in WiFi Hotspot
* Get great rates on calls to landlines and mobile phones
* Find a friend on the Internet and send and receive instant messages

How does it work?

When you log into your Skype account from any area of WiFi, you can use Skype, you can make calls, see who in the network and receive calls. You need to connect via 3G, WiFi, GPRS and Edge for the interaction with their contacts. Skype calls are free for other users of Skype. If you connect with users of Skype, rates are very minimal, and you can get a very low monthly subscription, if you prefer.

I am very surprised at how technology has become in recent years. Who would have thought that the current generation, who have access to such technology and comfort. I use Skype at any moment, and believe that service is very reliable.

Skype calls are not only for the iPhone is also compatible with other mobile products.

Skype has a lot of products and services that will enhance your communication experience.

Because you never know when a company like this will begin to charge for this great service, it is better to take advantage of these opportunities while you still can.

Get Free iPhone Games

You download free Iphone games or pay for them? It seems that the owners Iphone world can be divided into two halves, the people who are free games as well as people who do not. That is, if you really search, you can find many sites to download Iphone things much cheaper than iTunes, if you know where to look ...

No one can deny the popularity of Iphone is now a gadget-crazy world, if you want to use it as a cell phone, or if you simply want to use it to listen to music and play games, etc., the Iphone can do everything that you need. For more information on where to get these games, check these resources:

Direct Iphone Games-1

The most obvious way is simply to run some Google search for "get free Iphone games" or something. It looks like a great idea at first, but when he starts to visit sites that will begin to notice a pattern. Type of site you can easily make all their money from advertising, so when you go you just see a bunch of pop-ups and any other material which is to die for you to click on it. As we have said, these children have no interest in helping to get free Iphone games, they simply exist, that the money from advertisers. You will not find anything of use there, so if you find a site like this, just leave it alone.

Direct Iphone Games-2

The "free" sites. The reason that we call "free" places is that these guys say they will make you free Iphone games and offers the latest downloads, etc., only when you are there you will see that there is very little in the way of free games where to download one or two games available for download, and when you try to download a download speed of attrocious, and the game will be very, very old, to boot. Again, sites like this, do not care about the service they are there simply to make money from advertising.

Direct Iphone Games-3

In other obvious place, a place most people turn to a free Iphone downloads is torrent/P2P sites. It seems that all are familiar with a few places like this, but they really are the worst kind of site, associated with the extension. It is not only illegal, but it may also cause damage to equipment due to viruses and malicious programs that people download it. Everyone knows that you can do so at your own computer the poor, but only because of what is happening in your Iphone? Is it really worth the trouble just to get free Iphone games?

Direct Iphone Games-4

The best place to get games and other free Iphone downloads are, of course, a new type of site you've recently begun to emerge. These sites are excellent, and once to offer a decent service. How it works is that the databases of large downloads for your Iphone-everything: from games to music to films and music videos to TV shows, etc. To access this, you will have to pay a fee to secure your membership. Prices are very reasonable, usually something like $ 40 or so that are necessary for life. On appeal, usually restricted, as well as very high speeds, so it is not too long before he had received more than $ 40 worth. This is my site download choices, and I recommend to anyone promising to fill your Iphone in record time.

As a free Iphone games, music or anything else to this question is very simple once you know where to get and how to do it legally. Check out the links below some of the best sites.

How to market an iPhone App


In the iPhone becomes the prime smart phone for mobile devices in the U.S. Most recently, she has added to its effectiveness as a 3G connection, and more battery life, so that even users of smartphones to date. For this reason, Apple iPhone market has increased. I found it incredibly difficult to avoid in the last commercial use of iPhone applications were held to find a restaurant in the food preference.

In the iPhone applications on the market seems to be as easy as entering a brochure by mail. But if you've tried, was not so easy. So some of the best ideas on how you can sell their iPhone applications.

Find your audience

What people who use the products? How does your product to meet the needs of users of Apple iPhone? It is unique in its creation or improvement or an alternative to the existing software for the Apple iPhone? Do you know if your product will be popular with some users of Apple iPhone demographic?

There are forums in which users of iPhone here. Try to connect to a discussion among users. You can provide information on what programs are needed and that existing programs do not work. Use these forums and groups to consider the needs and what they want to benefit from the application. Select the brains of users. You can find more information about the user population.

Information about the competition

In the Apple iPhone is not without competition, to see that the competition offers, but also create an application similar ease of use. If you have already created an application that the application in the market for apples and other user forums Forums smartphone users as an alternative to similar programs used by devices. In addition, you should get in touch with higher powers of iPhone advertising sites and considers their application. You must remember to treat your application as any other product they sell. Just because a product is digital does not mean that you are not so much on the market.

Get Social

Social network sites big advocates of new applications. You can create pages and promote their implementation. Get a lot of people interested in iPhone applications via advertising on their page, to join the group, who may be interested in providing the software. MySpace has a newsletter feature which allows you to send mass newsletters to subscribers on a page, as well as subscribers of the groups that merged.


Of all the above, I find that prospect, the most controlled in the market at all. The current fashion for blogs. It's like in the forum, but gives you a way to ask your audience questions and provide answers. Gives information about the client's needs and provides useful information to improve and market their products faster. The resource base is a market for everything that you would like to sell. You are able to deal with objections, and develop the necessary framework to move customers to their products. Some of the best iPhone applications have been discovered in this way. The market for the best iPhone applications are growing in huge profits, with a little creativity and market research can be part of this growing industry.

Alcohol content in blood and iPhone


Picture this: you're with your friends. You have a great time. You drink. It is time to go home, and some of his friends are not sure whether it is good to drive. You even doubtful whether it is good to drive. You do not have pockets and support, which certainly will not call the police. How you choose to drive or hitch a ride?

Well, if you have an iPhone in the IPod Touch, "is the statement that"!

Take a look at these utilities can be downloaded in order to ensure their safe and stay sober on the road.

drunkulator - $ 0.99
Check the alcohol content in blood "on the fly." This application uses both standard and metric systems. It is easy to use interface buttons large, but very basic. The calculation is based on the assumption that all their drinks are relatively similar to the alcohol content. BAC is based on their input and tells you whether you are Tipsy, or was too drunk. Because they tend to be more polite to pour our own, this statement may not be very useful if you are a victim of its own mixing drinks.

BAC reader - $ 0.99
This application is similar drunkulator but BAC reader takes into account the difference between alcoholic beverages, wine and beer. Just click wheel interface allows an approximate BAC of these materials. However, if the user does not know about the drunk driving laws, or what is considered safe, the number is useless, because the program does not provide any guidance, is calculated once.

Calculate BAC iDrinkSmart, R - $ 0.99
In iDrinkSmart is a comprehensive analysis of factors that could affect the level of alcohol in the blood, such as weight, sex and age, the consumption of food recently. The development of scientists, the application as accurately as possible, and the best sorts of applications for less than a dollar.

A more interactive, allowing the user to adjust the concentration of alcohol to drink any wine, beer and spirits. Users can even calculate the approximate length of time until sober (no alcohol in his system). Unfortunately, most people do not know offhand levels and the opportunity to ask the waiter is minimal. Although iDrinkSmart looks great and wide, it can be very hard for drunk people to move.

Does your BAC - $ 1.99
A little more detail the main drink calculator, BAC may choose that the calculation should drink beverages from a menu that includes many cocktails. The interface also calculates the consumption of calories and carbohydrates are useful for the drunkard, who is watching his figure. As you add to the list of beverages throughout the night to "slosh-O-meter," Does your BAC monitor assess their BAC. If you have reached your limit, there is a button which, when clicked, presents a challenge and a local taxi to take you home safely. This application also supports multiple profiles, so you can keep track of not only you but your friends.

Cheers! - $ 2.99
At this time, the effective implementation of real-time data stores is estimated BAC based on the standard formula of the scientist. Have your tank, you can find a taxi, if the program determines that you have too many. However, in order to obtain accurate results is to be made to drink at the time of consumption. Since the formula relies in particular on consumption and your body in the absorption of alcohol, I do not remember that the data in a timely manner may lead to inaccurate results.

miniBAC - Free
This is a good, simple calculator, which can be used after the fact. Please enter your weight, sex, number of drinks, and hours drinking and you are given a rough estimate of your BAC. This is probably not the most accurate, but has large buttons and easy to navigate and read, even in a state of intoxication. The application also contains a brief description of what the consequences should have based on their BAC. Not bad for free use, although not very scientific.

Other useful applications Borracho
drunkdialNO! - Free for a limited time - $ 0.99
We have everything that people should not talk, but when we were little Tipsy all rationality flies out the window. drunkdialNO! appeal to you out of your party, you decide that you should not be drunkdialNO! This will delete the number of contacts over a period of time. To choose how long you will keep in touch with each of those missing from the phone and avoid embarrassment in the morning after.

Designated Marker - $ 0.99
This is similar to drunkdialNO! with the exception of all contacts was stuck in the same period of time. Although this figure is still listed in the phone when you are trying to call you, and not directed at the toll free number, with a friendly reminder message that you probably should not call this person. Your contacts will remain locked until the application is started again and pass a simple test that tells about the coordination of the program you sober enough to make responsible decisions, the phone again.

These are just some of the great applications available on the iTunes Store.

Word of warning: you will also find assistance in the application store. Download an application BREATHALIZER NO. All of them, as planned jokes to the iPhone can not act as an encouragement. Perhaps in the future, Apple will make it possible, but now everything is pre-programmed applications to deliver encouraging results laughter.
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