CECT KA08 Review - Look How Great This Mini iPhone Clone Is

I am beginning to see strong interest in a mini-clone of iPhone, including CECT KA08. People love the size of this phone, as well as a variety of colors for her. This is indeed a majority of all the functions of the most popular models on a small phone that easily fits in the palm of your hand. In this article I will go into the performance, functionality and price to this small clone iPhone Tiny.

This small size: I think that most people call this phone is a cute little size. Let's face it. There is no doubt that the iPhone is a kind of cumbersome. You can feel if you put it in your pocket. Or, peeks of your portfolio. He was too strong. In the KA08 has no such problems. He is literally the size of a bank or credit card. Weighs only 68 grams and is one of the youngest there. Thus, if the size of your main criterion, it would probably do quite happy.

Colors: Other support for this phone is the color options. Although we had a red, white, black, silver and gold, then, are less likely to see in hot pink or pastel pink, royal blue, or green apple. Nevertheless, all these colors are a reality with the spacecraft. Of course, you are still your red, black and white, too. And frankly, I think that the red and white looks best because of the high-gloss for this phone.

Features: If you like I9 find most of the features in this phone. This Quad band and dual active SIM. It has the characteristic of motion and tilt. It has Bluetooth, WAP, SMS, MMS, EMS, FM radio and e-book reader. Even in this small package, you will find music and video player. There is a written speech and voice dialing. You can assign pictures and ringtones for each contact. In the camera, web camera is a little update to 2.0 mega pixels.

But the fact that they are not Java (at least most of them on the market right now.) If you are dead set in relation to Java, then you might want to check I9 3G. In CECT I9 3G is too small (though not as small satellites), includes Java, has 10 pages of new icons, but also comes in red, white and black.

Performance: Like the majority of CECT's, speakers loudly about it. Touch the finger is sensitive and very fast browser, especially if you're using Opera Mini. The screen resolution is really excellent and it is remarkable that the viewing of the network in large flat screen. Frankly, I am skeptical about the benefits of this phone is small, but argues. The text is better than I thought, although I prefer using a stylus. And the size is good only when you want to throw it in your pocket and the realization of no more than that.

Price: This is an attractive price. Usually there are no problems found on less than $ 100, even with the 8GB. And, you can use any GSM SIM-card with the phone, including the payment of money or to pay You Go. This frees you from the contract or monthly bills, if you want to save on the price of the phone more than they initially save.


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