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Buying iPhone Spares Online


"The acquisition of spare parts for the iPhone on the network can be regarded as unreliable, no guarantees on the quality of their" - this statement is not true, as you now have the opportunity to buy the iPhone with great and quality assurance of the parties as guaranteed by the dead on arrival, as well as all spare parts and components have been tested by technicians before leaving the store. Therefore, you, the customer, for more iPhone accessories at the lowest prices and the confidence that may still need to run the repair of your iPhone - saving time, OK, let's talk about that too.

When parties choose to buy iPhone online and wonder what use sites, found that not only offers low fares, but also same day shipping, so you can save time and improve mobility over time, not all. This beautiful building is the ideal solution for the purchase of spare iPhone via the Internet, but how we go a little further and say that we want easy to use, what seems self-explanatory and easy to navigate, you have a ?

There is, no hidden small print, everything is clear "in person", so you can see what they are, "Terms" button the same size as a 'basket' button, so you know that nothing is hidden from the time, the site is clean and simple, but complex, and so why you want or need to buy a replacement iPhone for offline, or anywhere else to think of it.

All these benefits are delivered from the experts, a team of professionals willing to help you make the best you can from your iPhone spare parts and repair help - if you ever have any questions, give them a call, or a reduction in their e-mail for additional services that many providers lack - after the service. Many shops will be happy to take charge of your money and run, but will remain with all manner of ensuring that the repair is as good as possible with the new iPhone as spare parts.

iPhone repair is not the best experience will be, but I know that if and when the time comes, it's an option has the stress of this situation and at the same time offer to save time and money, the ideal solution for cases imperfect.

How to Create iPhone Apps


Have you noticed that more and more people are carrying around the iPhone or iPod touch? These life-changing, have changed the way all living things! I can say, like walking the halls of my school, which very quickly becomes mandatory for those who want to make your life easier!

The reason for the life changing, not because of your phone / iPod combination with a real reason for this is so great because the applications are available for download. I just want to spend what he did wonderful things Apps, you can do this by creating their own applications, and if you want to go to the bottom, there is a link to my site to help you learn how to create iphone applications, and gain lot and a lot of money!

I do not know if you looked through the extensive library of applications store has to offer, but let me tell you, that is, literally, all is well! If you're a musician trying to reach a new song, there are applications for it. If you want to translate any word from one language to another, then the request for this. Or, seismologists with the right equipment? There is an application that allows you to place your iPod on the table, and measure the movement of the surface it is on. Moreover, the fact that all these applications are surprising, surprisingly, many of them are free.

But let me return to what I said earlier. Does not exist and everything is fine. There are so many new things that have not been yet. GPP store, you have to find something that nobody has heard yet, and create and make it available for purchase, installation on a lot of money for you! Even if you have any idea of what already exists, you can make a new application that will sell more than those who are similar.

Are you ready to learn how to create iPhone Apps? In the application store is constantly growing with more and more people, create, sell, and a lot of money. Just click the button below to go to my website and see the different products to help you create the best application you can!

Insurance Coverage For Your iPhone


The fact that in the near future, iPhone is a breakthrough product that many other manufacturers copy. Very advanced than any other phone or handheld devices to communicate in the world. The latest technology means that iPhone is a fairly expensive item.

And because they are expensive:

* IPhone owners will be prudent in their possession of valuable
* People who have no one to be jealous of your iPhone
* Robers will focus on the iPhone

In this context, it is possible to think that many iPhone insurance should be available. Unfortunately, this is not the case. An option to add insurance to the home. It may work, but it has drawbacks, 3 as follows:

Home insurance policies have a higher excess of £ 150 or more. When registering a claim to the iPhone in your home insurance premium could cost more next year. How long can you live without your iPhone? The claims process takes a long time for their home insurance. People can not wait for a few weeks to replace their iPhones. Therefore, the practice would be to consult an insurance specialist to make sure your iPhone.

This begs the question - that the iPhone there are insurance companies to protect your iPhone with a reasonable coverage is cheaper?

Let's find out what "cost" is:

You can get only in the official iPhone network O2. The informal, can also be purchased, which is unlocked to work on other networks, but let's look at the official script. £ 250 for a mobile phone and also have 2 years contract of £ 40 to £ 60 per month.

If your iPhone is lost after 6 months of purchase, in accordance with the contract still has to pay each month for the next 1-5 years. Thus, for 18 months to £ 35 a month comes to £ 630, regardless of whether or not you have the phone replaced. In addition, the cost may be around £ 600. Therefore, the insurance that you receive the replacement for less than £ 600 it cost.

iPhone is stealing the obvious possibility, but how to protect yourself if you lose it? Or is damaged? Will you seek cover during a trip abroad? Would you like extended warranty? Consider all this before you buy this expensive gadget.

iPhone 3GS launch has app developers seeing gold


(CNN) -- Friday's launch of the iPhone 3GS could usher in an innovative and lucrative new era for those who create applications for the popular device, developers and industry observers say.

The phone's upgraded hardware, combined with a new operating system, will allow developers to design apps that wouldn't have worked on previous models of the iPhone.

For example, developers said, the iPhone 3GS is the first iPhone with a video camera, which could inspire apps that edit or mix video clips. Other developers are eyeing the new phone's built-in compass or its "push notification" feature, which pings users with messages even if its instant-message application is not open.

"Apple has given us all these new tools," said William Kasel, founder and CEO of Jumpfox, a San Francisco, California-based company that makes mobile apps. "And I can't wait to see what developers come out with in the next six months. The new features really take [the phone] to a whole new level."

Apple fans in the United States and seven other countries lined up Friday morning to be among the first to get their hands on the new iPhone 3GS, billed as the fastest, most feature-laden iPhone yet. iReport: Buying an iPhone 3GS?

Lines outside Apple's 211 retail stores in the United States were generally shorter than for last July's debut of the iPhone 3G, probably because owners of that phone balked at paying upgrade fees to wireless carrier AT&T or could simply update their devices by downloading the iPhone's new 3.0 operating system.

The buying process also seemed smoother than last summer's iPhone launch, which was marred by slow-moving lines and a flood of customers trying to activate their phones at once. According to reports on Twitter, many iPhone 3GS buyers were able to activate their phones faster and more smoothly than last year.

The new iPhone contains a processor that Apple claims is more than twice as fast as its 3G model, plus a video camera, voice control, longer battery life and a built-in compass. It comes with an upgraded operating system -- which Apple released Wednesday for download onto older iPhones -- with 100 new functions, including the ability to copy and paste text.

But the phone's biggest game-changer, observers say, may be new software that allows iPhone users to make purchases within applications.

On previous versions of the iPhone, applications linked users to Web sites where they could buy consumer goods or other items. With the new iPhone 3.0 operating system, users can shop entirely within apps designed specially for the phone, which promises to make for smoother transactions.

App developers love this new function. Until now, they earned money only when people bought applications through Apple's App Store, or from selling ads within the apps themselves. But now, for example, a game developer could charge users a few extra dollars to access higher levels of a video game. Other apps could allow users to locate the nearest movie theater, and then buy tickets.

"It's a whole new revenue stream," said Brian X. Chen, who writes about consumer technology for Chen believes the new feature could help iPhone app developers achieve long-term profits instead of hoping for an App Store "one-hit wonder" that sells well and then disappears.

"This could be absolutely huge for a lot of people," agreed MG Siegler, who writes for TechCrunch, a popular technology blog. "There's a lot of money to be made there, I think."

Siegler believes another bonus of the iPhone 3GS's new software is its ability to interact with special accessories via Bluetooth and the phone's dock connector. To cite one example that Apple showcased at a recent 3.0 event, a diabetes app could hook up with an insulin meter, allowing a diabetes patient to check his or her glucose levels.

Developers already are customizing apps for the new iPhone. Jumpfox is hoping to launch BuzzBuy, its PayPal-like e-commerce widget, as an iPhone 3GS app this summer. And ScrollMotion plans to introduce an upgraded version of its Iceberg reader, which will allow iPhone users to download more than 50 magazines, 170 newspapers and 1 million books to their devices for reading on the go.

"We love the new 3.0 functionality," said Josh Koppel, a ScrollMotion co-founder, who also believes the phone's copy-and-paste feature will help students and other readers get more use from the Iceberg app. "A new way to monetize on this magical device ... is the best thing we could have asked for."

The popular phone went on sale Friday in the U.S. and Canada plus six European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Video Watch iPhone buyers lined up in London »

About 300 people stood outside the flagship Apple Store on New York's Fifth Avenue waiting for the doors to open Friday morning. In Atlanta, Georgia, more than 100 people were in line early Friday outside an Apple Store at Lenox Square mall.

"It doesn't seem like it's the Apple fanatics [this time]. It's moms and dads," said Robin Cutshaw, 51, who lined up for previous iPhone launches in 2007 and 2008.

An IT specialist, Cutshaw said he travels everywhere with his iPhone and once even used it to work remotely from a beach in Brazil. "It doesn't go in the shower with me, but that's about it," he said.

Some who had preordered phones were frustrated by how slowly their line moved outside the Atlanta store. But Marc Kagan, 31, said that buying his new phone took him about three hours, much less than the 10 hours it took last year.

Customers encountered problems activating their new phones last July because demand overwhelmed Apple's iTunes servers. But on Friday, Kagan said it took Apple employees about 15 minutes to activate his phone in the store.

"It went pretty smooth. I think they're a little more organized this year," he said.

AT&T stores, Best Buy and Wal-Mart also are selling the iPhone 3GS, although preorders through AT&T and Best Buy sold out before Friday.

Advance buzz about the iPhone 3GS has been largely positive. In a review, CNET gave it a four-star, or excellent, rating. Compare the iPhone 3GS to three other smartphones »

An iPhone 3GS with 16 gigabytes of storage sells for $199 with a new two-year AT&T contract; one with 32G capacity will cost $299. Since June 8 Apple has been selling the iPhone 3G model for $99 -- half its original price.

Apple has sold more than 17 million iPhones since the iconic device hit the market in 2007. Apple's phones are the second-best-selling consumer smartphones in the United States, according to the NPD Group, an online market-research firm. See a chart tracking iPhone sales »

The launch comes less than a week after rival Palm unveiled its much ballyhooed Pre smartphone on the Sprint network and Research In Motion announced it will debut the new BlackBerry Tour on Sprint and Verizon in the coming months.

Planning is Paramount When Considering iPhone Apps For Marketing


It seems that everyone loves iPhone with applications that are available for download. In fact, iPhone has become one of the major players in the market of cellular phones in particular because of his statements, the statements that you can buy or download for free. These statements can be any statement that operates on the Yahoo! E-mail application on your phone can help you implement your own program. Given the impressive growth in popularity of applications in the last couple of years, it is not surprising that every marketing and the advertiser is willing to get into the car.

Running applications built with brands on them has become very fashionable for owners of businesses today. But to rely solely on the popularity of applications for brand business there, as the commission of professional hara-kiri. Adding a shop is not a marketing tool, a means for distribution, "said Raven Zachary, chairman of the creative digital signature, a small company, in an article published in the magazine saying.

Note that the iPhone has about 48,000 applications, a figure that is steadily growing. As a result, if you just created and leave the application to stand in the store application, the chances of getting noticed by the minor. Thus, not only to promote its widespread use, you must also create one that is completely different from what's already there. Otherwise, consumers have absolutely no reason to choose from your others. And since the creation of applications, little cost in terms of time and money, you must be absolutely confident in the idea before deciding to invest in it.

Mobile applications (in particular, in the iPhone application), not for each brand, "said Neil Strother, an analyst at Forrester Research, says in an article on mobile marketing. "You must understand their customers and how to use mobile devices and services, and ask if you can provide something of value with the help of mobile applications."

It is also important to find out if your target audience, even the iPhone uses. According to a survey conducted by Solutions Research Group, the average age of buyers willing to spend on the iPhone is 31 years. Of these, the proportion of men who are interested in purchasing the iPhone 72 percent, compared with 28 percent of women. T-Mobile subscribers are more likely to get iPhone, while Verizon subscribers extent.

If people who are at the end of the reception of your application to use Blackberrys and other smart phones, it is better to create applications for phones. In a research report written by Strother, mentioned the incident shows that the previous paragraph. "One developer of mobile described the first meeting with the leaders invited to develop a brand of iPhone applications: He noticed that many older smartphones in the room, but not with the iPhone", the report says. "Bad start. Traders should participate fully in these devices to gain the knowledge advantage."

Do not let this discourage you. Apps, like any other advertising, and that in the near future. If the product is a deodorant for men, focusing not only on the advertising of its best homes and gardens. Similarly, if your target market do not use iPhones, there is no sense in wasting time and money developing applications for the iPhone. Since half of them relatively recently, its use should be thoroughly investigated, if they want to be successful for your business.

Is the New iPhone 3GS Worth All the Hype?


Jun 19, 2009, Apple released a new version of iPhone. It seems that yesterday the iPhone 3G was released. I stayed with my original version using the "edge" network, because they do not want to pay $ 240 in addition to the price of the phone. I wonder how the estimated $ 240? When multiplied by an additional $ 10 you pay above the current rate of $ 20 per month for 24 months (2 year contract), which will be $ 240.

The benefits do not outweigh the additional costs, so do not make the transition to 3G. Apparently, others felt as I did. She turned to the table and came with the new iPhone 3G, that S 'S' refers to the speed. I recognize the additional costs to the amount at this time. Here's why.

Finally, Apple has decided to provide the reaction and allow the video recording. This is great when you see the status of the smart phone to capture video. In addition, the video is a primary tool for editing video. This was the WOW factor in my book. I especially liked the ability to email or MMS video. Although we have MMS, and text with 3GS, you can turn the phone horizontally to send text messages / MMS messages.

Then there is an improvement in 3-megapixel camera to capture those images and video. In taking these images, it can set the attention of a point shot by pressing the screen. This will allow you to better photos.

Of course, there was an increase in storage for more than 16 GB to 32 GB. In the iPhone has a processor speed upgrade, which gives the "S" in the title.

Wow Another factor was the speech aspect of this phone. Now, free your hands while driving will be truly hands free. Say the name, and you, and to dial a contact. Provide a list of things to do, or find a singer or a playlist, just a speech.

There is an embedded compass to GPS, which works better. In addition, phone cards to guide the direction we take. Zoom goes much further in this release, as well as the headphones are new, and more than a few buttons on the remote control and volume control keys.

Internet has allowed the detention. 3GS can connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC and connect to the Internet on a computer via the iPhone. This may not be as good as broadband USB-card, but I am sure it would be better than nothing for many owners of iPhone.

The latter function, the probably the biggest of them all. In the iPhone now supports 3GS cut and paste. If you are the owner of the previous iPhone, you know how big the transaction.

Thus, the new iPhone is worth all the advertising? Definitely. Apple has given way, and critics have yet another masterpiece.

Blackberry Storm Vs. iPhone 3G


Blackberry Storm Vs. iPhone 3G

A Closer Look At The iPhone


Apple Inc's Phil Schiller shows John Blackstone the many features of the iPhone. Apple's latest product will go on sale this June.

Configure Your iPhone to Receive Email, Contacts, Notes & Calendars


This article explains how to configure the Apple iPhone 2.0 for e-mail your mail server. Receive e-mails, contacts, calendar entries, and from your mail server.

Follow this simple step by step guide to setting up and receive e-mails, notes, contacts and calendars on the iPhone, version 2.0.

There is some information you need on hand, such as your e-mail, username and e-mail account password. If no such details, please, how do you know, or ask your system administrator in the office. (You need this information to create your iPhone for email, contacts, notes, etc.).

This article uses Microsoft Exchange by default, but the same steps apply to any email account.

1. On the home page of your iPhone> Settings.

2. Tap Mail, contacts and calendar.

3. Click Add Account.

4. Click Microsoft Exchange.

5. Access your account information:
# E-mail
# Username
Account # Password
# Description (for personal use, can be anything you choose)

6. Click Next.

7. If everything is correct, you will have the opportunity to enter the server information:
e-mail. yourcompany. com.
(If you are unsure of this information, the system administrator should be able to tell you).

8. You will notice that the remaining information is more than the previous page.

9. Click Next.

10. Select the data you want to synchronize.
Mail #
# Contacts
# Calendar

11. Click Save.

12. Remember, if you choose to synchronize your calendar and contacts, calendar contacts, local and will be overwritten.

13. You will receive a warning to continue.

14. That's it! Now your iPhone will receive an e-mail, contacts, notes, calendar information from your mail server.

Enjoy the freedom of electronic mail on the go with your iPhone!

Top Tips For Buying iPhone Parts


Where the sources of the line iPhone There are several important factors to be considered, first, of course, is part of the iPhone you want, making sure to use website that stocks this part, as well as provide the necessary guarantees in terms of DOA warranty etc after the site itself, which we will discuss a little more detail, so you can easily obtain the iPhone parts and trust. We know that the Internet has numerous sites and online shops that have a lot of promises, but we know how many of them to justify their expectations?

For this reason, it is important to know that the iPhone spare parts you have in mind can make those promises and deliver them, can be done to verify the information, reviews and other writings UPS - all available online, if not on the site. Feedback as a great way to get a warranty before you buy your iPhone parts, and that means shopping online and offline - is the title of commentary on this great credibility to the site, and not just make believe company statement.

Another case will be considered in relation to the iPhone in the store is comfortable, we all know, there is nothing worse than finding a great search site, but the button is hidden and difficult to search and find the information they need - to take this into account when you want to acquire rapidly and with the support of the company is well maintained site that is easy for potential customers to interact with. When the choice of iPhones in the market implies a selection of pieces iPhone and the ability to select a quick profit.

After all, if you are looking for the part of the iPhone is more likely that you are viewing the iPhone DIY repair, so I'd like to save time while saving time occurs in the financial benefits that brings me to the time gets value for money and guarantees that we have already mentioned. Make sure the iPhone parts are well priced and are protected from the dead on their arrival ensured a good site will be displayed on the homepage, from not having to search to find the information you need. Also check the shipping options, we want quick access to our iPhone, if you find same day shipping is that is your right foot from your iPhone purchase.

iPhone - More Than Just a Mobile, Jukebox, Web Client, Spirit Level, Tip Calculator


When it comes to iPhone reviews, many have tended to focus on ease of navigation, and endless pleasure and / or useful applications, ranging from the monitoring of your spouse tuning guitar. This is a very good starting point. Since I bought mine, they have become increasingly aware iPhone can be used as a tool off the track, listening to songs and photographs - and no, I'm not talking about the water level apt.

1. Music Maker
Music Maker? I am sure what you think. Well, that iPod does not it? Of course, you're right, and as I write this, it is undoubtedly a myriad of applications being developed for access to the music world "cloud." In addition, the company also strives to provide better integration of our iPhone home stereo system, excellent. But can we use the iPhone to "make music? The answer was yes. In fact, a good promotional video for YouTube suspiciously clean cut banda called" mentally move last week. He showed three things. The first thing that really everybody can have their 15 minutes of fame. Secondly, the Indy-noise management can be replicated in five closely iPhones, and four lovely girls. And thirdly, it is similar to the way the Mac is the tool of choice for DJs Electronic, rock bands, and composers (Nico Muhly), will not be long before the iPhone, as used in this environment (if not already).

2. Canvas Art
In keeping with the theme of creativity, the latest cover of the magazine The New Yorker cultural commentary, apparently shows a typical street scene of New York, people at the hotdog stand and basically bathed in neon. But what really struck by the readers of the fact that the product was created with the iPhone and the application is called a brush. Artist, Jorge Colombo, said that using the application as it allowed him to work in secret and at night, and the public itself, you just check your messages. iPhone as a sketchbook? Well, certainly beyond the current 2.0-megapixel camera, which according to some surveys iPhone away as good as its competitors.

3. School Assistant
I recognize that 1 and 2, may be somewhat gimmicky, but if I told you that it will soon be compulsory for students to own iPhone in a similar way we are all from before 1970, I believe. The students of Aoyama Gakuin University iPhones being given to creating a stronger network between them and their teachers - and make sure they attend classes. This follows the recent plans of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, which will provide all the iPhones, and that journalists are taught the way of the 21st century, such as (according to The Guardian): "Management the community, user interface design, crowdsourcing, data mining, "and added twitter and Flickr.

4. Voice
Finally, in the true spirit of communication, the latest developments in the world of the iPhone, it seems that people talk. No wonder, really, but I am not a description of the phone calls and text messages. For autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, speech devices, has cost thousands of pounds, and it was difficult to bear. However, the application developed in the United States, allows users to use the icons on the screen, they are, and speak simple sentences, ranging from applications of emotions. Amazing.

Your Need For iPhone Insurance


So users should take some security measures to stay away from these negative unexpected dangers. Within these security measures, one of the most valuable assets for all members is insurance. Can help a person reduce the harmful effects of the loss, theft or damage to your mobile phone.

Apple in the iPhone, it is certainly not an exception. In the iPhone, the main trends in the market, is the most adorable of all assets, according to statistics. This is due to technology, which was full because most user friendly interface you have.

In the iPhone, of course, is expensive and, therefore, users must take great care to avoid loss, theft or damage to it. As a security measure, you should get insurance iPhone. This is a special insurance, which is designed specifically for the iPhone. iPhone insurance specially designed for all possible damages and losses that occur in it. Since the iPhone will cover all the possible costs of damage, the person, do not worry, if something unexpected and undesirable happens to the iPhone.

There are some iPhone insurance companies out there in the market. These providers have different policies in that they provide. Although not all functions of the iPhone are the same insurance, they must orient toward the same vision of protecting the iPhone and iPhone owners from the high cost of repair or replacement. As some of them are specifically designed for the same can be sure that all the hidden risks and losses are also the focus of insurance.

If you want to protect themselves from the pain of the loss of your iPhone or damage or theft of highly recommended to insure against possible threats. This helps minimize the damage, theft or loss thereof. As some insurance cheaper iPhone, you can choose the most suitable for you and easy to obtain.

Apple iPhone 3GS Guided Tour and features


Apple just announced the iPhone 3GS, their latest release in the iPhone family. Get a look at all the new features of the iPhone 3GS like video editing, voice control, and more.

iPhone OS 3.0 Final: Review


On June 17th Apple will publicly release the OS 3.0. Developers already have access to this final build, and apparently it has been leaked on the web, but that final version of OS 3.0, build 7A341, works wonderfully. In this video I walk you through the main features of OS 3.0 including MMS, tethering, and Copy/Paste and give my opinion on this upgrade. Remember, this will be a free upgrade for iPhone and iPhone 3G users while iPod touch users will have to pay $9.95 assuming they already have OS 2.0.

TomTom to Produce Software and Hardware For Apple iPhone


The Wall Street Journal de hoy, 10 de junio de 2009, informa que TomTom se producen software de navegación y un kit de coche para el iPhone de Apple. The program will be available from the applications Apple iTunes Store. This statement caused a 17% increase in shares of TomTom. TomTom is a business based in the Netherlands. Al parecer, los inversores vieron esto como una oportunidad para TomTom para aumentar sus ventas en contra de la categoría de líder de Garmin.

But this brings me to another question. First, you must purchase the software for browsing the iPhone, and then, if you want to use the car in which they can be charged while in use, you must acquire the hardware. Anybody could see that happening in the iPhone, which are cheap? Moreover, you have two companies that are benefiting from it because it is the result of joint efforts. In addition, the article does not say whether the program will work on new 3G phones from Apple announced this week.

Well, what I say all this? However, it would be cheaper to buy a special GPS navigation system for the car? I believe that the GPS navigation system for mobile phones is not as effective and not so easy to use as a portable GPS device. Moreover, not all options that would be street GPS. There is also the factor of safety. I do not see on the screen, Apple is so visible in the car as a portable GPS. I think it depends on the location. Navigational phone never impressed me.

I know this announcement, the iPhone is moved one step closer to an "everything" phone. This is the exact position that Apple and ATT want. But I do not see that it will be very useful in the car, will have to configure the iPhone, iPhone and see his response to the iPhone in the car. I do not see much success in the benefits of this hardware-software interaction, but I was wrong before. These products are to be released this summer. No specific date was not.

Guiding You With iPhone Repair


IPhone DIY repair is becoming increasingly popular among owners of iPhone, thanks mainly to save time and money, which is crucial in modern culture. So far, iPhone repair or maintenance of any cell phone is rarely seen because of the cost and time, we have been "fixed", but the Internet revolution was the ability to acquire knowledge and parts, if necessary, repaired iPhone.

So, we noted two main advantages, how can we be sure you maximize the benefits when our iPhone repair? - Rule number one should use the services of a specialized site for not only quality products for the quality of the price, but with a professional service and to obtain all the necessary guarantees that means that you can buy pieces to our iPhone repair with peace of mind.

Choosing the right site just started saving for the type, but it is in terms of saving time, and - a quality website offering same day shipping, this means that you will get a part-time, and quickly have the iPhone and repair the full backups and running more than once, but make sure that you have r4search be sure that they are dealing with the quality of the site, check reviews and feedback, and so the day before the Quick Google will solve this problem for you. Thus, the only thing left to mention is the question: "I am not an expert iPhone, I really can fix my iPhone?

The answer is, yes, because all the knowledge and resources necessary for the success of the iPhone is awaiting repair for you online, with lots of tips, tricks and step by step guides for the iPhone to complete the repair - in the way that you do not need to be an expert, you just must have the desire to save time and money, and be prepared to move the investigation properly, but these studies are not so well that you lose in the interest of time, you need to guide and reference, and, as they say, step by step guides are available, ie it can be developed on the basis of the print and at the same time as the repair.

Why Buy iPhone?


I was sitting in the Hong Kong International Airport on its way to Australia for Christmas, and I simply log on to eBay, and I bought a new iPhone 3G 16GB $ 818us (including shipping), but not a lot of buying phone WHT, but does it even more nuts is that I have the equivalent of Nokia N95 8GB Nokia. I only used 1 gigabyte, and no even install the software or the Nokia Maps update the phone again.

Why buy a new phone when I was the same functions with (some may be better to say, my camera is a Nokia 5megapixel on the iPhone only 2) Given that the iPhone is cool!

I tell you that we already know, Apple has created a great brand, and although I know that I spend $ 800 on what they already have (and another phone Sony also saw that I can use only once, it is not a purchase is required), because I want to have a bright, fresh design and, above all, has the Apple logo on the back!

I got suckered in by marketing, and more specifically to "public opinion", and I knew before I decided to search on Ebay, and now I know that since the introduction of payment ...

Marketing lesson? - Creating brand! This is how you want your brand name or a nickname, but I still consider ViralKing to listen to another company that is cool, and know how to make the peoples of the emotional triggers, Nike ... Just Do it! People rely on what they know and buy from you or your brand is based on 3 things:

* We know that (and, therefore, to build a brand)
* How do you (Make a brand new Apple ... Cough Cough ...)
* Do you trust (the provision of services, others offer)

Create your brand is only now that you're waiting for?

Choosing the Best IPhone Cases


When buying iPhone cases, there are a number of criteria, you may think. Considering the various cases that can choose, you should be able to find one or more used for different purposes. As expected, you can easily choose the iPhone cases that are unique, like you.

Protect your new iPhone

Most likely, your mobile phone in all types of winds, where it can be damaged. For example, you can put in your coat pocket or cup holder in your car. Despite its new iPhone may be quite durable, do not hold long if he is in constant decline, or other things that have been violated. Without question, iPhone cases, are vital to ensure that the phone will remain in operation until you own it.

iPhone cases that matches your lifestyle

Today you can find in the cases that come in all colors and styles. You can even choose different cases to match your wardrobe. For example, if you plan to use a blue evening gown, you can buy the iPhone in white or blue case. On the other hand, if the iPhone will bring to the job interview, you can choose what will be a more professional feel to it.

Despite the fact that cases are important for protecting your iPhone, you do not need to buy something that is unattractive or not. Once you start looking in all cases, you'll be surprised how easy it is to change the look of your phone. Given how the cases are cheap, you might want to buy a different range of fashion needs.

Apple iPhone Soft Polycarbonate Slim Fit Case


Think about all the calls you about this beauty. How will the Internet, how will you use Maps Google, to help you find where it goes. Despite the fact that the iPhone is relatively new, there are some quality iPhone cases on the market. The choice ranges from hip to cool practicality.

iPhone Soft Polycarbonate case

Polycarbonate is the plastic resistance so that the temperature and the impact resistance. They have more material for iPhone cases. Cozip makes perfect polycarbonate case for iPhone is very slim and fashionable. He feels like to touch the rubber, which prevents slippage and holes in the camera lens, volume control and headphone jack that allows you to use the telephone during the meeting on the case. Color black, silver, white, pink and red.

Well, maybe this product to make a good business for you, Apple iPhone Soft Polycarbonate Slim Fit Case. Ergonomic design cover and convenient form of communication and provides scratch and slip protection for your iPhone. In the iPhone Polycarbonate case also has openings for volume control, camera and headphone jack for a total of iPhone, and its ease of use are still protected in this case. Cozip Brand JoWow exceptional item.

It is not very suitable for the iPhone 3G, but it is perfectly suited. There is, as to look a little air space between the rear panel of iPhone, and so, but that's OK. The case is thin and does not add volume or less the benefit of the phone. The material provides a good grip rubber on the phone without tackiness silicon cases. Although it provides ample protection for the back and sides, this is not the case, if you wish, if you want to get maximum protection for the drop test.

This is a good case you're concerned about, if the phone would scratch, but in a pocket or purse. Better to go caseless or slip when you need to push the block to use. The supplier also screensavers and the body of the film to add to zero protection.

Lazy is the only event of its opinion, it is very cheap. There are some neat little nicks and cuts that the holes for the various buttons. However, about half of mine is very rough / sharp, as this mechanism is used to cut was not great, and the phone will not fit on my base load, but the case was closed, and it is very easy This is not an important factor.

In general, I recommend doing this. It lasted almost a year and still protects the majority of phones. It has a pleasant, soft and helps prevent your mobile phone and hands on the floor. In fact, it is difficult, and offers great protection of your phone. In any case, give it a chance, will not be disappointed.

Shazam Application on iPhone


Discover, share and buy music with a "Shazam" The application for your iPhone. Shazam, which offers great opportunities to do all this and more on your iPhone. This is not only easy, but it is very convenient for all music lovers. In the Shazam application you can get all the information related to music. Thus, you can find music to a new level.

Shazam application is available on the App Store in the category of Music, as well as in iTunes. This free application can be run directly from your iPhone from the App Store. Shazam is one of 10 applications have been downloaded since the launch of the iPhone App Store. The only iPhone application music entertainment, information and contentment.

Shazam application - a unique and exceptional

Definition of music is the main objective of this unique iPhone application. Shazam has been integrated with the music identification software that helps users identify any song and music. To define an object, all you have to do is to delay the iPhone near the source and recording for a few seconds. Advanced technologies in the Shazam music instantly recognizes and displays detailed information about it.

For example, imagine you are walking down the street and hear a song you are looking for centuries, bringing you the nearest shop. Confused? I do not know what to do? Keep all your emotions and let the application Shazam do everything for you. Keep your iPhone from the source of the music, click on the icon of an application, press the record button and record music for a few seconds. Application allows you to instantly know the name of the song, artist name and album name.

Interesting Features

In the Shazam application stores almost 6 million songs in its database, which helps users find their favorite songs. With such a huge data base, there is no possibility that you can not find your song. Shazam offers some interesting features that could never imagine in your iPhone.

• An application can identify the music on television, radio, cinema or even in the store.
• You can save your record label and create your own soundtrack on your iPhone with Shazam application. Each time a new song, gets the label on your personal list.
• One of the best features of this application is that you can share your tags with your friends and loved ones via e-mail. You can send email messages directly from the application itself.
• You can configure a shortcut by adding photos to the "My Places".
• When using Shazam can get access to YouTube and watch videos.
• Shazam tags directly linked to iTunes, which lets you view and track the purchase immediately.
Shazam is a real cool iPhone application for music, and created the industry standard in the world market. This provides ample opportunities to discover music, meet the artists and buy it instantly. Thus, a Shazam iPhone application installed on your iPhone and enjoy listening to music.

The Top 5- IPhone Rip-offs - Video.flv


When we’re talking about the hottest phone of this moment you know we’re talking about the iPhone by Apple! Unless you lived in a cage, you couldn’t have missed it. And today the iPhone is still the most wanted phone. It’s the most sold phone worldwide and it’s no wonder why a lot of other companies try to make their phones look like the one by Apple.

How to Put Videos into IPhone / IPod?


iTransPod is a perfect companion for iTunes. It lets you import movies, clips, music videos to your iPhone, iPod Classic, Nano & Touch. This plug-in appears inside iTunes and is extremely simple to use (Watch demo!). It can understand even the most cryptic video formats and codecs around (AVM, ASF, WMV, AVS, FLV, MKV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, M4V, MP4, MPG, MPEG, DAT, OGM, VOB, RM, RMVB, TS, TP, IFO, NSV).

Learn How to Make Money With iPhone Applications


"How to make money from iPhone applications? Became one of the major Internet search engines today. Populares this amazing technology has taken the world by storm and now has its highest reaches over 45 million customers at the end of 2009.

When the iPhone was first introduced, hit the headlines around the world. Their perspectives, combined with striking features only inflamed the ardent desire of every customer there. Having sold over 10 million units, predicted that the iPhone will reach 45 million units by the end of 2009. Many companies see this as a great business and investment in the management of these companies that are investing their money in anything that the recent boom in iPhone applications. In other words, more companies realize the benefits of mobile applications and web access.

iPhone applications that can be used to promote your business, and can be sold as a consumer product. A few days after the launch of the store, more than 900 new applications were added. This amazing iPhone has become a digital platform for all its users.

Some common examples of iPhone applications include:


3 Advantages of investing in the iPhone application:

1. Attractive commissions - you get to keep 70% of what they sell the iPhone in-store applications.

2. The wide range of business opportunities - It is suggested that the iPhone will reach 45 million units by the end of 2009. With strong numbers of consumers, so many opportunities to be found.

3. Working at home - some people like creating applications for full time. One of the reasons, because of its high rturns and can only be seen in increasing the current rate. Therefore, more and more people are starting to come into the industry.

IPhone in the market is still in its infancy and is growing very rapidly. This makes it very attractive for many businesses. This is the reason for the popularity of the iPhone business applications within the bloom. Moreover, Apple is trying to do everything possible to support business applications. Soon, developers will be able to sell additional services within the application, and buyers can use these new opportunities to create better and more distinctive use.

Application Development iPhone has become one of the richest companies in information technology today. Many programmers have a name, and happiness for you, just write iPhone applications only. In fact, these statements are fairly cheap, but if you write a virus that will be a lot of money.

iPhone i9 - Which Cell Phone is Meant by This Phrase? I'll Tell You


Sometimes I get a letter with a description of the phone under the name "iPhone I9. It is now quite obvious to me that the writer of this media by phone, but I'm not sure sometimes if they know we are describing is designed for your phone, which is technically not an iPhone, or Apple. In fact, I9, although a clone or lower, is dead ringer for the original and Chinese imports. It's made in a company called CECT, which made the original iClone (p168) and several well-known replicas are under your belt. And there are several ways that differ from the version of Apple (although I think these differences are advantages.) I will go over the differences in the next article.

In I9 has some premium features that Apple iPhone NO: As I said, both phones are similar in many respects. In the clone is capable of doing everything that makes it. You can view the Web. The players who play media MP3 and MP4s. Have a digital camera and webcam. Allows email, MMS, SMS and EMS. Supports Bluetooth. Is speech recognition and handwriting. It has a touch screen that allows you to drag a scroll or flip through as you turn the pages of the book.

But there are few places to turn from the beaten track. It is a dual SIM phone. This means you can have and use two SIM cards. What are the implications of this? Well, some people do not use this opportunity to everyone, but some love because it means they have to call or two different plans. For example, they can use pre-paid or low cost to speak with a pre-paid Internet, on the other side. Normally be a few months from the Internet, if I am not going to use (although my son up as a peak operating hours, and could not live without it, even in the day.) I have forgiven I pay monthly or several times that I do not use. I've been there and done that, and do not appreciate the bleeding of money each month.

In addition, you can remove the battery on this model alone. There's also an FM radio and shake and tilt function. For people who like the look of Apple 3G CECT quickly so that the 3rd generation of this phone is (what else) in I9 3G. This is basically very similar to the original, but has a rounded back, a sleek design, this new icon, and new housing is smooth and shiny.

The I9 which is not like the Apple Phone: as big as this phone (and I am a great fan), there are some omissions. You can not enter the Apps Store and go crazy. However, this phone supports Java downloads so you can enter the bank's website and download the applications you want (and most times it's free.)

Another place where the phones are very different, as I mentioned earlier, the price. In the clone of a free contract, and four bands. You can work with any GSM operator. So you do not have to go with a network of partners, which do not normally work in larger monthly payments.

The conclusion is that if you are dead set in the version of Apple is likely that you will be happy until it gets. I know that the person is very dedicated to it. But if you're looking for a phone that has the same features, without breaking the bank, then I9 really good alternative that offers greater savings over the lifetime of the phone. Side by side, both look almost exactly the case, even the wallpaper, but, of course, had two different manufacturers.

Introducing Amazon Kindle For iPhone Applications


The recently released iPhone applications to turn Amazon has provided iPhone users with the opportunity to enjoy an excellent e-book reading experience for all e-book reader kindle models. He gave all iPhone owners a rare opportunity to enjoy more than 240,000 digital kindle format books from Amazon books from the library without the need to encourage readers to buy. What is more interesting than burning iPhone applications available for free. All you need is access to the Declaration of the Amazon store.

In a few months, Amazon is working on your iPhone-enabled applications to ignite. View software as a form of non-users or owners turn on the power of your wonderful product, Amazon hopes that the software is accessible and useful to the iPhone crowd pave the way to reach more people interested in their products. In addition, the software also displays all the new owners turn to read and enjoy their downloaded content, and on the fly.

Free lighting software application allows users of Apple's popular mobile device to download and read e-books from Amazon in the kindle store. After the program has been successfully installed, which allows users to send e-book content for iPhone or iPod touch. Once the program starts, the user will be greeted on the screen, asking him to log into your Amazon account. After entering your username and password, the user is not required to comply with their empty library, which is filled as soon as it starts to download the electronic book content. Unfortunately, view and download the contents of e-books can not be run directly using the Apple gadget. Need your Mac or PC to buy books from Amazon. However, this problem can be solved with the launch of Amazon in the later version of the software.

Real software for the Iphone is powering the majority of applications can be expected from e-book reader. This allows the font size setting bookmarks and chapter breaks, but the program did not note the ability to dial. However, it's more fun to read e-book experience, he adds, portrait or landscape mode reading, the alternative of background and text color settings and tweak to extend the features of iPhone reading your normal routine.

For those who owns a kindle kindle 2 or 1, can synchronize their bookmarks and notes with his free kindle iPhone applications. In general, there is nothing revolutionary about the software. However, the important thing is that it works well on iPhones for the provision of facilities for storage and display of text is very readable. Although it competes with other software, such as Bookworm, Readdle and verse, none of the above software can match the choice of text in the Amazon kindle store.

For the greedy e-book readers, and then turn on the software has several advantages. On the one hand, the software will significantly increase the number of books available for the iPhone. This is a good place for the inability of software subscriptions for newspapers and magazines on iPhone applications. Once you've created your account, Amazon, iPhone users can now benefit from the enormous range of content of electronic books that are available only in the Amazon.

Apple makes price cuts


Joining iPhone drops to $ 99, $ 300 cost portable slide

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Inc. to reduce the entry price for the iPhone in half, launched a laptop for $ 300 less than in previous models of Monday, the first dramatic change in prices and the economic recession began one years and a half ago.

Apple unveiled a new model for the iPhone - 3G in S, - that look the same, but will be faster processors, more battery life, and wanted features such as an internal compass, camera better resolution and auto focus. 16-GB version of 3G will cost S $ 199, and 32-GB version is $ 299.

The 8-GB iPhone 3G, released last year, now costs $ 99 instead of $ 199. When the iPhone was released two years ago, Apple fans had wanted to deposit $ 499 for the 4GB version and $ 599 for 8 concerts.

In iPhone news event was the presentation of two directors of Apple at its annual conference for software developers. Apple is well known, to stop such events at the last minute surprise, giving rise to the hope that some co-founder and CEO Steve Dzhobs could cameo. However, Mr. Dzhobs, which is expected to re-emerge later this month, have no time. Top Apple marketing executive, Philip Schiller, left without uttering a string of signature, which will be "one more thing."

Last iPhones go on sale June 19 for two years and contracts to the buyers of the original model, and end on the phone from Apple is more competitive with similar Research In Motion Ltd. and Palm Inc., which just came out with $ 200 Pre -smartphone.

Shares of Cupertino, California, Apple fell 82 cents to close at $ 143.85.

The reduction of prices of the least expensive iPhone can be risky for Apple, which is based on the new versions have enough attractions to keep the high price of live models.

AT & T Inc., the exclusive iPhone in the United States, said on Monday expressed confidence that profits will continue to hold his cell phone in general. AT & T shares fell 16 cents to $ 24.40.

Apple may also increase the profits of the bank that receives 30 percent of the revenue from downloadable applications for iPhone and iTouch. The new version of the iPhone operating software, available for download on June 17, allows developers to sell additional content, such as electronic books, and more levels of video game applications.

Among other updates for the iPhone, the new software will allow people to download movies and TV shows through the mobile communication device. This will allow users to send photos and video as well, sending text messages, bringing the iPhone to other smartphones. (AT & T does not offer this option until the end of the summer.) As well as new software allows parents to limit the types of applications, teens can download to your device.

Apple has already announced other new features in the new programs - such as the ability to cut, copy and paste text - and the opportunity to "detention", which means that using the iPhone to connect to the Internet. However, while the 22 mobile operators allow tethering, AT & T no.

With its line of MacBook, Apple has to leave the new MacBook Pro laptops, with more batteries and faster processors. The company rolled the new 13-inch and 15 inch MacBook Pro laptops, which starts from $ 1200 to $ 1700, respectively, $ 300 lower than similar laptops.

Furthermore, the reduction of prices in ultrathin MacBook Air for $ 1500 to $ 1800. Its 17-inch MacBook Pro, which began in January, will cost $ 2500 and above, but now has a faster CPU for same price.

Apple is also trying to steal market share data for the expansion of its next Mac operating system version, the snow leopard, in September, before the Microsoft Corp. "Windows PC S came next October 22. Among improvements in the snow leopard is a built-in support for Microsoft Exchange Server, so Apple programs for email, calendar and contacts would be more useful in corporate environments.

Pandora Controls… Makes You Want to Use Pandora Again!


Pandora is a great app from the App Store. You can listen to music for free, but you can’t do anything else with your iPod Touch or iPhone at the same time. Pandora Controls solves this problem. All you have to do is open Pandora and set it to your favorite station and then press the home button. Now you can continue to listen to Pandora while you browse the rest of your iPhone. You can also double tap the home button to bring up a similar control scheme to the iPod app, which you can use to stop, pause, or skip to the next song. It also adds the same controls to the lockscreen just like the iPod app. All in all Pandora controls makes a good application, great.

Pandora Controls is available on Cydia through the Big Boss Repository. You must have Pandora 2.0.1 installed from the AppStore first.


SBSettings Volume Media Controls!


If you are listening to music and want to change your song you have to unlock your device and then skip to the next song. Then when you come to another song that you want to skip you have to unlock your device again and skip to the next song. The SBSettings Volume MC solves this problem.

SBSettings Volume MC lets you start the iPod, pause the iPod, skip to the next song, or go back to the previous song, all by utilizing the two buttons on the left side of the device that control the volume. While you have this app enabled it adds the extra functionality to the buttons. If you press the up button it will skip to the next song. If you press the down button you will go back to the previous song. If your iPod is not playing you can press either button to start the first song in your playlist. If you quickly press both the up and down buttons the iPod will pause.

SBSettings attempts to fix a really simple problem that almost all iPhone or iPod Touch users encounter. It does exactly what it says it does but you might also find that if you want to change your volume with this enabled you will end up skipping to the next song, but it is definitely a great start. If a toggle button was added in future releases it would definitely be a better add-on. You could just make a playlist in PwnPlayer with just the music you feel like listening to, but some of us are just too lazy I guess.


AT&T Announces 7.2 Mbps 3G!


AT&T announced its plans for deployment of HSPA 7.2 3G wireless technology topping out at 7.2 Mbps, doubling the speed of AT&T’s current offerings and serving as an intermediate step to the deployment of LTE (4G) several years down the road. AT&T plans to begin rolling out the improvements later this year and will take until 2011 to fully deploy the necessary equipment. LTE trials are scheduled for 2010 with deployment to begin in 2011.

The upgrade to High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2 technology is part of AT&T’s plan for continued investments to deliver the nation’s best mobile broadband experience & the ideal combination of speed, coverage and best device line-up. AT&T today has the nation’s fastest 3G network and has attracted more than twice the number of smartphone users than any other competitor.

With its network built on the 3G UMTS technology that is commonly deployed throughout the world, AT&T can boost the speed of its mobile broadband network and offer a wide variety of devices to take advantage of it well in advance of 2011-2012, when most industry observers expect 4G LTE networks and device availability to scale. AT&T plans to begin LTE trials in 2010, with deployment beginning in 2011.

As part of and alongside its move to HSPA 7.2, AT&T announced a series of initiatives that it is planning to undertake this year:

- Near-Doubling Radio Frequency Capacity. In 2008 and 2009 to date, high-quality 850 MHz spectrum has been deployed in more than half of AT&T’s 3G network footprint to improve overall coverage and in-building reception, with additional markets planned for later in the year.
- More Bandwidth to Cell Sites. We are adding fiber-optic connectivity and additional capacity to thousands of cell sites across the country this year, expanding the critical connections that deliver traffic from a cell site into the global IP backbone network. These upgrades will support the higher mobile broadband speeds enabled by both HSPA 7.2 and LTE.
- More Cell Sites. Deployment of about 2,100 new cell sites across the country.
- Wi-Fi Integration. Many AT&T smartphones will be able to switch seamlessly between 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. AT&T customers with qualifying smartphone and 3G LaptopConnect plans have access to the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network & more than 20,000 hotspots, including locations in all 50 states & at no additional charge. AT&T’s global Wi-Fi footprint covers more than 90,000 hotspots, and AT&T also can create permanent or temporary extended Wi-Fi zones in areas with high 3G network use, like a grouping of hotels or a festival.
- MicroCells. Customer trials leading toward general availability of AT&T 3G MicroCell offerings, which utilize femtocells to enhance in-building wireless coverage.

AT&T’s announcement verifies official statements made last month by AT&T executive Scott McElroy regarding the move to 7.2 Mbps 3G, although it does not address the possibility of 21 Mbps HSPA+ raised in the previous report.

A number of rumors over the past few months, including some as recently as yesterday, have pointed to the inclusion of support for the new 7.2 Mbps “3.5G” standard in the next-generation iPhone rumored for release within the next couple of months.


New iPhone Casing, Could It Be True?


In February, the first images depicting the back casing of an unreleased iPhone began circulating around the Internet. The images showed a matte finish to the casing, but looked otherwise identical to the current iPhone enclosure. Recently-posted rumors now suggest that we could indeed see a matte casing for the next generation iPhone.

A new image obtained is embedded above and shows the same matte case beside the current iPhone 3G, which is housed in a shinier plastic casing. The side-by-side image shows the clear difference between the two finishes. We have no further evidence that this case necessarily represents what the next iPhone will look like, but it does seem to be consistent with circulating rumors.

Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone this summer and may announce details at WWDC in early June.


Next Generation iPhone Photos Leaked!


Yesterday, on a Chinese forum, photos of the “Next Generation iPhone” were posted. They were then, quickly removed. But, due to the size of the internet, the photos were preserved and posted all over the internet. The original thread was translated by Samac92.

The pictures were blurry, like all leaked photos, but they are definitely clear enough to make out the user interface. The pictures claim to show of the new iPhone hardware but it looks extremely similar to the iPhone 3G. We do know that this could be the new hardware because of the shots of the compass and the auto-focus camera, both which would need new hardware to function.

The auto-focus camera would need a new camera. It is rumored that the new camera will be 3.2 mega pixels, a big upgrade from the current 2.0 mega pixel. The photo also shows a blue square in the picture. This is the acclaimed auto-focus. You then move the small blue square and the camera focuses on that area. For example, if you are taking a picture of your friends faces, then all you have to do is drag the square over their faces and take the picture. This will greatly improve all of the pictures taken with the iPhone. It is also rumored that you will be able to shoot video. There is said to be a toggle at the bottom and you will be able to switch simultaneously.

We cannot be sure if these pictures are authentic but a lot of evidence points to them being legitimate. All we can do is hope that Apple will add these features and hopefully even more.


Get a Clue on Your iPhone!


Electronic Arts has released a version of Clue (the Classic Board Game) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Below is the description from the developers.

“Was it the vixen Scarlet in the Dining Room with a Candlestick or the charmer Green in the Kitchen with Poison? As an aspiring journalist, your assignment is to uncover clues to solve a mysterious murder of a millionaire!

After scandal rocks his hillside mansion, you set out to question the guests turned suspects and investigate rooms brimming with special effects. Answer the telltale questions of Who, What, Where and How to WIN!”

The game has all of the same features as the original board game. You can download the game now from the App Store for only $4.99. It may be a little steep for a game you may only play once so you should really take that into consideration if you are thinking about buying it. But, for a few, the game may be a door way to their favorite pastime.


iPhone OS 3.0 Release Date???


There has been a lot of talk about the new iPhone 3.0 firmware. Rumors are flying about new features and stunning new bug fixes. But no one really knows when it is coming out. Some say a month some say a year. Apple has not set an official release date but we may be one step closer to finding out that crucial day.

Chris Johnston, an online blogger, just made a post on his blog about his incident with his iPhone. He says he was on the phone with a support representative from Apple trying to fix a problem with his iPhone. The representative told him that the new 3.0 firmware would be released in the next week and this might help him fix the problem with his device.

If what the Apple representative said is indeed true, that would make the release of the new firmware around the time of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is taking place from June 8 through June 12.

We are still unsure if the information about the release date is legitimate, but since it came from Apple we have more reason to believe it. This phone conversation took place within the last couple of hours at about 09:00 p.m. Thursday June 4, 2009 in GMT.


New iPhone Patent For Transmitting Data.


A patent application entitled “Methods and systems for mixing media with communications”, was filed in November 2007 and describes methods for sharing digital media files such as music, videos, and images as part of an audio, video, or data communications connection without terminating the original connection.

The present invention permits a user to initiate a communications operation with a recipient, or to receive a communications operation initiated by another individual, and to transmit a selected media item over the same communication path used for the communications operation without terminating the communications operation. This combined transmission can occur regardless of the type of media selected by the user to be added to the communications operation.

Notably, while Apple’s drawings accompanying the patent application point to implementations related to the iPhone, Apple also makes numerous references to the sharing of media while users are engaged in video conferences, something not possible in the current models of the iPhone. The addition of video calling, which would require a front-facing camera, to the iPhone has been a popular target of speculation, with rumors appearing as recently as this week pointing to the possibility of its appearance in an upcoming iPhone hardware update.


Satellite Radio on Your iPhone!


When you want to listen to radio on your iPhone you probably turn to Pandora or maybe Slacker. But you have a limited amount of skips or a small selection of stations to choose from. So eventually you have to revert back to listening to your iTunes Library. Well, maybe you will have a different possibility in a few weeks. It has been stated that Sirius and XM Radio have created an iPhone application.

You will be able to download the app from the AppStore for free but you will need to become a subscriber by paying a $13 monthly fee or if you already have XM Radio it will only be an extra $3 a month. You will be able to listen to all of the stations that are available normally, you just wouldn’t need a satellite connection.

They have not set a release date for the app yet but they believe it will be out within the next couple of months. Like I said before it will be a free app but you will need to pay to listen to any of the stations. I still prefer Pandora over this, but if you are a die hard Satellite Radio fan, your dream has just came true.


Apple to introduce $99 or $149 iPhone on Monday, analysts say


Apple plans to provide a cheaper version of its popular iPhone on Monday, may help the company increase its market share in smartphones, according to a Financial Times report.

Analysts said in the article that Apple wants to show a $ 149 phone and $ 99 on your phone in the world developer conference. Currently, the lower price of the device is $ 199, subsidized in exchange for AT & T contract.

The fact that the economic downturn is not increased only makes such a move more feasible. One analyst said that the $ 50 price reduction could lead to increased demand by 50 percent, but $ 100 reduced to 100 per cent.

Throughout the world, Apple is unlikely to cell leader: she sells about 11 percent of the world's smartphones, trailing Nokia, 41 percent of Research In Motion and 20 per cent, according to Gartner, in the first quarter.

Further complicating these figures start to be very pre-Palm smartphone from June 6, and the bevy of Google Android-phones thanks to the energy to start this summer.

Regardless of price, analysts still expect Apple to introduce a new iPhone on Monday, the package of new features. It is scheduled to begin production in July with Apple in the iPhone OS 3.0.

New Apple iPhone to be Unveiled at WWDC?


Will Apple show off its next iPhone on June 8? This is the billion dollar question that everyone is asking. In fact, it will be the first day of Apple's 2009 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where experts expect Apple to unveil its new iPhone and show off the final version of its iPhone 3.0 software.
What would be more important is that Apple CEO Steve Jobs may be present -- or at least make an appearance -- at WWDC. However, his medical leave is not scheduled to end until late June. We wouldn't be surprised if Steve made a cameo, either to show off the new iPhone or to announce that he was retiring as CEO, said an analyst from Oven.

WWDC will take place on June 8-12 at the Moscone West expo hall in San Francisco. Apple would probably show off the new iPhone in its product keynote on June 8. As with last year, there is no guarantee the phone will ship on June 8. It is possible Apple won't start shipping new phones for several days or weeks. Last year, there was a four-plus-week gap between the iPhone 3G announcement and its first day of sales.

E3: IPhone Games Worth a Gander


E3 has ended, and for Mac, Windows, console, and the name iPhone, I now want to sacrifice my social life to play 12 games out from the iPhone, and IPod touch the victim.

Some of the developers of the tent, the other recent and forthcoming, or almost completely unknown hand. In any case, the game caught my eye, and so, without further ado, and in particular, there is no order, iPhone 12 best games E3 2009:

ADD: A "WarioWare"-style casual game for iPhone, ADD will ship with 72 fast minigames (which will be expanded to 108 minigames, with subsequent updates). The game process is quick, fast, fun, and includes a crazy sense of humor (one mini-game you're shaking salt on the slug). Simple, good and fun, the name should appear at the end of the summer and at retail in the $ 4 to $ 5 range.

Lordi for iPhone: Upcoming title the Finnish developer minestudios, Lordi centers around the Finnish death metal group Lordi, and puts the player in "Silent Hill"-esque scenario, when they wake up in a hospital in the school girl, and must flee assorted monsters. This has been at its head in the later levels, where players were able to track down and Lordi and tear monsters separately if desired.

Minestudios said that the company will issue a total of seven episodes in the game, took the full package of less than 500 megabytes of space on the iPhone, the name of the ship should be within a few months and retail for about $ 4 App Store.

Star pigs: In turn-based space game complete with 32 levels of play for free, great graphics, multiplayer support (up to 4 players), play the campaign and one of the best uses of 3D to date for the iPhone. Developer Iugo intends to submit for the title at the App Store to see, but he knew that the game will be available later this summer and will be available in the $ 3 to $ 4 range.

Tetris Friends: When we met with the creator of Tetris and the game legend Alex Pajitnov and asked him what was he up to the future of Tetris, he just sat back, smiled ear to ear and said: "We have ambitious plans" in a thick Russian accent. Pajitnov and people from the company and then describe Tetris Tetris Friends, upcoming title for the iPhone, which will allow online dating, participating in Tetris Cut and wider form of multiplayer Tetris. No price or release date has been announced yet, but it will be interesting to see where this goes from the classics to the iPhone.

Robocalypse: In real-time strategy title with almost everything on the ball, Robocalypse features iPhone, as in the port of the Nintendo DS title which party robots with brains of World War II veterans, who should win in a group of machines. The game features updated graphics and user interface to the functions of Nintendo DS version control to feel quick and responsive, and players can switch between the castle and in both landscape and horizontal mode. The product will be available via the App Store at the end of August and this sort developer Vogster price point for the title.

The Sims 3: iPhone adaptation of the most popular game, this title lets you control the lives of your Sims, such as working, eating, cooking, bathing, moving in a career, etc. Functions as a more streamlined version of the full game, and you can not use multiple Sims, make big purchases, like houses and cars or take the stages of life, but it is a good experience. The Sims 3 is available through EA Mobile and just went to the App Store in the tent cost $ 10.

Fast And Furious: Honestly, I loved this more than I thought I would rank sporting good physics / sensitivity and gently especially for racing games (including a good multiplayer support, something being at stake, given the fact that you could lose a car registered to another player and will have to rebuild from scratch, it is better to race can be quickly downloaded to YouTube, and you can "ghost race against the best race uploaded to YouTube to compete against him). The developer I-Play post and Furious will be available later this summer, an estimated price of $ 6.

Castle of Magic: to be submitted at the end of June, the Magic Castle is a mixed 2D/3D platform title, which defies the player to explore the 5 worlds and 15 subworlds function in your quest to defeat the evil wizard Nefastax. Control measures are believed to react as they should be, graphics and sound was terrible, and it should be in the amount of $ 6 App Store, that the asking price Gameloft asked for it.

Baseball Slugger: Perhaps the most surprising and full of the best titles I have to demo, Com2us' Baseball Slugger features a competitive home run derby game with Wi-Fi multiplayer games, custom avatars, and unlockable equipment and supplies. The game supports 3G, EDGE and Wi-Fi networks, especially the great graphics, good sound, and can easily find the opponent to play against him. The name is currently in development, and its price has not yet been completed.

UPDATE 3-Fans gather for launch of 'iPhone killer' Palm Pre


* Pre-Sprint hopes will win back market share

* A small nation, New York, Chicago and San Francisco (Add a comment on the sales of phones, para 8)

By Sinead Carew and Jessica Wohl

New York / Chicago, June 6 (Reuters) - The small crowd gathered on Saturday at the official pre-launch, smartphone Palm Inc regarded as the best chance to claw back market share from Apple Inc in the iPhone and Research In Motion Ltd's (RIM.TO) Blackberry .

The new high-end phone is seen as a key product for the Palm (PALM.O) and Sprint Nextel (SN), was greeted by rave reviews. [ID: nN04319543]

The lines were much shorter than that snaked around the Apple (AAPL.O) stores in its first very popular iPhone two years ago, but many consumers felt that they were ready for a new product.

"I wish them the killer iPhone. I look forward to this for some time," said Peter Lewis, who bought the phone for himself and his wife at the Sprint store in Chicago, where about 45 people were in line when the doors opened at 8 am

"This is my gift to me," said Wilma Rivera, 36, a heating technique, which brought her 17-month-old daughter at Sprint in the flagship store in Manhattan.

Rivera, a long time Palm user, said that although she was tempted iPhone, sold only to AT & T Inc (TN) in the United States, she "never wanted to leave Sprint."

Sprint, № 3 U.S. mobile phone, it depends on the prior help stop the defections, and win back subscribers from competitors such as AT & T and Verizon Wireless, a venture of Verizon Communications (VZ.N) and Vodafone Group Plc (VOD.L). [ID: nN05293971]

Sprint said Jennifer Walsh Keifer said late Saturday that Sprint was sold out of pre-phones in various locations across the country, and that the company is doing everything possible to replenish stores.

Pre-pressing is on the shelves just before Apple is widely expected to announce a new iPhone on June 8. [ID: nN04244490]

Price and keyboard

In the pre-cost $ 199.99, after $ 100 discount to customers who signed a two-year service contract. These prices are in line with $ 199 less than the power of iPhone. Pre-monthly fee of $ 69.99, including unlimited text messaging, which is lower than the cost of iPhone service plans with similar features.

"It's always nice to see a bunch of people waiting for a product you worked on," Chairman of the Executive Palm Jon Rubinstein, former Executive Apple, which helped create the IPod, said at the Sprint store in San Francisco financial district, where more than a dozen people lined up to Pre-buy.

He said that the opportunity for smartphones has been large enough to sustain the market for a period of three to five successful sellers.

SlingPlayer Mobile for IPhone


Users of Sling Media Slingbox place shifts the family of products that allow you to view your home TV signal from remote locations, have been watching TV for Mac, PC and mobile phones for several years. Now, with the release of SlingPlayer Mobile for the App Store, then on the iPhone and IPod touch the place.

GPP in the $ 30 price tag might seem shocking in comparison with the rest of the square store, but the same price that Sling for SlingPlayer Mobile for all other mobile phones. In contrast to the SlingPlayer Mobile on these platforms, though, SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone does not support video for mobile communications, but only through a Wi-Fi. It is a concession to the forced Apple to Sling and - more to the point - AT & T, which feared that the Legion of iPhone use Slingbox, viewers can destroy your data network.

Setting up a network of side issues, for a moment, let's talk about the app. To use this device, you must create an account on the Sling website and register there Slingboxes - SlingPlayer magazines at this point to see a list of available Slingboxes. Once you have logged in, you can choose a Slingbox, and you're all set - the default application will automatically connect to the Slingbox, that every time it opens.

Once you have logged in and view the video, one click brings up a menu with options to view your favorite channels, the remote device to emulate the remote control, rear DVR program guide, or control, a set of options, and to disconnect from the Slingbox. Guide and DVR button shortcuts to quickly find the program to configure or play, even though sometimes I found that they were on the road, and I usually just prefer to use all the buttons on the remote control emulation.

(Image Caption: Click on the buttons to emulate your DVR or cable box remote control.) Once you've created a list of favorite channels, you can switch between them, just scan your finger from left to right or right to left. If you simply want to move to the next channel in the lineup, but not among the favorites, you whack the top to the bottom (channel down), or bottom-up (channel up). They are designed for tools that will help save you time, but I accidentally swiped (that led to long delays in viewing to wait until I have a channel to change, then change it back) much more often than I did it deliberately. It would be nice if you can choose to turn to leave, or gestures, even better, the map of their commands you use most often.

The picture quality of the application well, although far from perfect. This square is constrained in the iPhone is relatively meager (compared to full-fledged computer) processor speed. But until you do not receive pristine video from SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone, that you will get quite watchable, especially if you are on the home team the game, while in the departure hall at the distant airport. (Of course, the picture quality will vary depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi network and connect your Slingbox to the Internet.)

(Image Caption: Unfortunately, there is no way for us to show this picture of the Slingbox HD without a black border.) I am disappointed that no SlingPlayer honor one of the most basic iPhone gestures, though: double-tap on the video, which switches between the enlarged image and letterboxed or pillarboxed picture. At my home Slingbox Pro HD, which is attached to the DVR is in widescreen mode, from 16 to 9 aspect ratio, I could never get SlingPlayer to fill my iPhone screen. Widescreen content letterboxed, but also had some pillarbox operation. The old-style 4-for-3 content was even worse, appearing as the stamps on my screen, surrounded by empty space.

In the end, I am pleased that the SlingPlayer for the iPhone does not exist. This gives me the opportunity to watch the video when I was trapped in a boring, but with existing Wi-Fi network. But we must admit that my joy at the existence of this app is hampered by the fact that it retains its full value is not functioning, in spite of the mobile network. Its fast scanning is too easily activated by mistake, and although the quality of the video display is passable, I was disappointed by the failure of the application to show my video without a large black border on the upper side, or all around.

I am sure that I find myself using the SlingPlayer Mobile when the need arises. But I will not use it with great enthusiasm, while Sling Media can solve some of their quirks and limitations, including, ideally, that will require changes in the heart of AT & T and Apple.

SlingPlayer is compatible with any iPhone and IPod touch Launches iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

[Jason Snell is editorial director of Macworld. He uses a Slingbox to view your favorite San Francisco Giants for several years.]
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